• (I know I'm not a staff member and all for posting on this forum, but Ant thinks this is fine to do in my part).

    Featured section
     we all know we have a "Featured" section on the main tabber of the site, right? Well, here's my proposal to improve it:

    The idea is to hold a new section, "Pages of the Month", which would hold 5 "outstanding" pages, which would be refreshed with new stuff each month.

    While this can seem like a needless task, the point of it is to promote veteran and new users alike for developing ambitious pages by being able to get a reward from the effort, holding very explicit details of the character's abilities in a way that can be easy to understand (Beyond blog posts, of course), this also promotes certain verses to gather more users supporting it, also allowing the site to get some quick-to-find freshness that visitors can be easily attracted to 

    The 5 pages themselves would be elected in this process:

    • An staff member would post a thread asking for pages to be suggested to be featured (The OP can also submit potential pages, BTW), sort of like the "Top 10 X" Lists threads, with No. 1 being the best one so far, then 2 and so on, users would have to debate a bit for what pages are better than others to remain on the list.
    • The page selection has a time limit from the start of it to the end of the current month (So getting it updated each month isn't forgotten), after which the current results are just featured and all as explained in more detail below. Don't worry if your page that got too close at being featured didn't get in, it can be added to the next list of potential featured pages and so on.
    • Such pages should have at least a size of 5,000 bytes in size to be considered, and must be a Character, Civilization or Weapon page, Stuff that's already featured in the other sections wouldn't be able to be considered for this for obvious reasons (They are already featured, after all).
    • Characters that have been featured once by this can't be resubmitted, but they get a category on their pages to keep track record, "Past Featured Pages of the Month", which also allows anyone to see what everybody thinks are some of the most well-made pages around. Such pages would also be turned into "Sysop" level of locking while they are featured to avoid vandalism.
    • After being finally no longer featured, they get the before-mentioned category and go back to the "standard" locking, unless that page was already controversial in the first place, in which case it would just remain the same. 
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