• I'll be brief
    Profiles are scaled to City level and some characters to Supersonic speed with Massively Hypersonic+ reaction and combat. But, I have a few things that can change that.

    The Elementals

    They are on this level just for the Cortex quote and for things like tsunamis, eruptions and earthquakes. However, in the guide of the same game where they appear, they are said to be capable of devastating every globe. Later on it is said that the earthquake caused by the awakening of the masks caused an earthquake on the planet. Even Wa-Wa is said to have a mission to clean the continents, In this same scan is informed that Py-Ro is the strongest among the masks.

    "Ah, but this may be an outlier or something, they may take a long time for that."

    Yeh, yeh, i know. But in the same game is informed that it takes 5 crystals to seal each mask, which would indicate that there is a need for a specific amount of power for that. The 25 together are Planet Level, 5 would be ... Small Planet?

    What's more, in the cutscene before this one, they make it clear that they can bring catastrophe to the entire planet.

    About speed

    The supersonic speed is somewhat strange. For the game makes it clear that Crash is not only capable of reacting to lightning, but that even his plane is moving at close speeds. Remember that Lo-Lo stayed in front of Crash all the way. Okay, this may just be a gameplay element, but it's not weird if you look at the other feats of the same rank on the profile

    In the game "Crash Bandicoot Huge Adventure", Cortex uses his minimizer to shrink the earth, a lightning bolt coming from his ship and encompassing the planet from one simple frame to another.

    later, in the same game, Crash constantly reacts to shooting the same weapon.

    I don't know exactly if it's usable or how much it can give, but it's an "additional"

    Extra Skills

    Heat and Ice / Snow Manipulation for masks (Py-ro raise temperature and caused Ice Age)

    Climate manipulation (by the storm they woke up in the wake)

    For The Aku-Uka Brothers, there are some additions and changes. Dimensional Travel (for Hyperspace and 10th Dimension), and I wonder why they are placed as stronger than the Elementals, and Aku-Aku claims that not even Uka-Uka can contain them.

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