• One month of prep.

    Blue Marvel Vs Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Post-Crisis)

    I’d like to say BM but honestly, he doesn’t have enough feats. Also magic is so hard to beat when it’s on the level that Billy has access to. Conversely, antimatter is so hard to scale when comparing even to things in comic books.


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    • With prep time, maybe Blue Marvel.

      Random encounter: Billy takes it tho

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    • Billy takes it without prep.

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    • Blue Marvel is at a 1.6x AP Advantage, in an all out slugging match all this will do is help him dish out more damage against Captain Marvel, but really, not that much. 

      Billy has a far better Regen, Mid compared to.. no stated regen on Blue Marvel's profile. Antimatter Manipulation I guess gives him a boost, and is basically all that is. Same with Matter Manipuatlion, what it says on the profile just makes it seem that ways.

      Anyways, gonna have to give it to Billy. This appears to be an all out slugging match, I just can't see Blue Marvel getting past Billy's insane regeneration. Might I add Billy's lifting strength is far greater than Blue Marvel's? He could easily restrain him down, and probably give him a real good shock of lightning.

      Prep isn't really needed for Billy, honestly it just lets him prepare to better deal with something he'll learn the instant he sees him. Though, Blue Marvel might start trying to work ways to get around his regen. But I don't think it'll help much, I feel like Billy's got a more decisive chance of winning.

      The Big Red Cheese takes my vote.

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