• both had their beginnings in the 3DS, so why not.

    7-A forms

    Speed equal

    CopenIx Render
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    • How in character and/or applicable are Obilge's Timehax, Powernull and Deathhax?

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    • While she is not lusting for blood, she is no pacifist either. I think the only time she just does a command without player infuence is to use her pendant to become 2-A as soon as the battle started with Oblivion in Bravely Second.

      Since that is not allowed, you can just assume Agnes just goes for the win and the job she currently has on, so id say she would just use her strongest hax possible at the start.

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    • No. That's not how player characters work.

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    • I mean, i know you support gunvolt, but it is far more likely that Oblige will just try the biggest power available from the start.

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    • But what if she would want to preserve MP for later fights? Playable characters don't spam hax. That's simply not how it works. She would use hax, don't get me wrong, but she wouldn't spam it.

      Also she's baseline and Copen's boarderline High 7-A, so Copen just prevades whatever she uses and one shots.

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