As you may know, in recent weeks I've been concentrating on producing a blog about the Royal Knights, a group in the Digimon franchise that is involved in many of the feats and scales that exist in it. However, even with the great importance that the group has, there wasn’t a source for the information of much of the content that was on the profiles.

    For this reason I started to create a blog containing much of the information about the Royal Knights so that their profiles could be revised. This is a procedure I want to be able to do with all groups and other characters in the franchise as much as possible.

    The blog is still incomplete, right now the storyline "Digimon Chronicle X" is unfolding like a web novel being featured on Digimon's website and Twitter, as well as the virtual pets being released right now (The Next, Digital Monster X Ver.2 will be released later this year and the latest, Digital Monster X Ver.3, will be released next year with an Artbook). Some X-Antibody forms don't have their official profiles released yet, let alone high quality official artwork, so this blog will be updated as new information comes up. Still, I won't leave this revision just for next year so I wanted to start this right now.

    In addition, the blog will only cover Royal Knights' own skills, without explanations of skills inherited from previous forms. For this reason, I started a new blog where I will post Digimon information that would not fit into a themed blog, such as generic Digimon skills and other topics. So far there has not been an update containing characters related to the Royal Knights, so in the future when possible I will do another revision for the inherited skills.

    Anyway, the blog already contains important information that will be used here. With nothing more to add, let's get started.

    Digimon Physiology Revision

    Yes, nowadays Digimon Physiology is a thing. As explained in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth "hacking" is actually the ability to manipulate reality and its laws at will, making the impossible possible. In this regard, even though humans can do great things, Digimon are constantly said to far surpass the capabilities of even the biggest hackers.

    In this context , during the game the protagonist can use "Hacking Skills", special powers that the Digimon cause thanks to their powers. In the blog I created, I listed some human and Digimon hacking feats, including hacking skills. The Digimon Physiology page already lists "Reality Manipulation" and "Law Manipulation", but I would like to add some examples of what these powers were used in the franchise. It would also be a good idea to add Pocket Reality Manipulation since one of the listed feats was Lunamon creating a cyberspace at EDEN, and another was from Sangloupmon who reshaped a supernatural dimension that exists between 3th and 4th floors of Nakano Broadway. Also, of course, I would like to include skills that derive from Hacking Skills and put link to this blog as part of the explanations of the page.

    The changes would be:

    • Reality Warping, Law Manipulation and Pocket Reality Manipulation (With Hacking and Information Manipulation): Reality is viewed by the Digimon, and other digital beings, as a computer program, so they are able to rewrite the structure of reality changing the laws of the world to whatever form they want. In particular, Digimon are considered as the best hacking programs in-universe. This can be used to create and reshape pocket realities;
      • Can disable Forcefields: Using hacking, Digimon is able to disable Firewalls, even if they are recognized as impenetrable by humans;
      • Invisibility: They are able to mask their presence as if they "sealed" themselves, making them inaccessible to others;
      • Remove seals: Analyze data that is sealed and locked and is able to remove such a seal;
      • Duplication: They are able to temporarily copy a target data and then paste it elsewhere, only one copy can be saved at a time;
      • Electricity Manipulation: Are able to turn the power of a system on or off;
      • Extrasensory Perception: Can detect the presence of traps, even if they are Dimensional Holes;
      • Purification: They are able to restore programs and devices that have been broken or corrupted;

    Certainly some Digimon have these skills more developed than others and others are more likely to use them than others, so I would like to insert an explanation about Data, Virus, Vaccine and Free to explain this situation.

    • Data: Most of the time, neutral Digimon. They do not tend to use their powers to alter the situation of the environment, preferring only to live in the situation in which they find themselves:
    • Virus: Always seek to change the environment as they see fit, not bothering to cause problems in the system they are in;
    • Vaccine: Seek to correct anomalies that were caused in the environment by reversing the effects caused by viruses.
    • Free or Unknown: They are usually neutral, but adapt so that they match the characteristics of those they face.

    Thus it is explained that Data Digimon will be considered the least likely to use these powers, Virus Digimon will use these powers whenever they can, Vaccine Digimon will use their powers to reverse what others do and Free or Unknown Digimon will use their powers if needed for the situation. This explains why many of the Digimon who used these powers in games were Virus Digimon, such as Sangloupmon, Fantomon, Growmon and Vegimon. Still, it is not impossible for a Vaccine or Data to do the same, as demonstrated by Lunamon who is a Data Type.

    Also, there is one more power that must be explained here. In the blog it’s explained that Virus Busters Digimon has the power to "Delete". This in particular is used to destroy one's evil, especially from Virus Digimon (as explained by the name) and is demonstrated in many cases as the Royal Knights being used by Yggdrasil to effectively delete X-Antibody Digimon. This is explained as a general feature of Virus Busters in the Revolmon profile. So:


    • Power Absorption and maybe remove Power Nullification: Alphamon, like many other Digimon, has power nullification and Power Mimicry (the latter specified on the Digimon physiology page), but with Alphamon we could directly see him absorbing Culumon's powers, preventing Culumon from having his power while it became available to Alphamon. We actually saw Alphamon using Power Nullification at other times, not including the copying part of those powers, so we can assume that Alphamon has both. Therefore, I prefer to keep "Power Nullification" while adding "Power Absorption".
    • Status Effect Inducement (Able to change weaknesses into resistances and resistances into weaknesses): Can use Character Reversal;
    • Resistance to Paralysis Inducement, Poison Manipulation, and Confusion: Lost Evolution trait adds resistances to these conditions in addition to existing Death Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation resistances.


    Crimson Mode


    Ulforce V-Dramon

    Nothing new


    Nothing new

    Lord Knightmon





    Duftmon X: Power Nullification




    Fixing the evolution lines and Artworks

    Now there will be a lot of things that will affect multiple profiles. First I will talk about the artworks. As may already be perceptible, many artworks in the Digimon profiles have low resolution, this is because the official Digimon page releases artworks with a size of only 320px, this is also true for artworks released in Digimon's mobile games. However, some artworks are in high quality due to their different sources. So I've put together some good quality Royal Knights artwork (especially in they X-Antibody forms) to replace lower-resolution artwork.

    Here are some of them

    Other problems in these profiles are involving evolutionary trees. Anyone who has ever played Digimon games must have realized that Digimon has multiple possible evolutions, which means they can have many skills from their previous forms, which is an important feature in multiple games. So some profiles contain ability of multiple previous forms, they are composite profiles and represent those that are made through evolutionary tree mechanics (And yes, this is canon and there’s a lot of games where the multiple evolution and “legacy skills” are the main plot points).

    However, this is for Digimon without a "story", just a random model of the species that is scaled through these mechanics. We don't do this for Digimon who has an evolutionary history (although I believe there is one exception). And the Royal Knights are not random, they have a history, so I don't think they should be affected by the "Rules of Multiple Evolution" and we should use only what actually comes from their evolutionary lines.

    Of course they can still be affected by this if we see that some canonical relationship between them and some evolutionary line beyond the standard, which actually exists.

    The prime example is Alphamon, which oscillates between its evolutionary lines of DORUguremon and Grademon.

    Omegamon is also a nice example since he is a fusion between WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon, ones that we also know the evolutionary line.

    Dukemon is like the one of most simple example, since he was created with the line Guilmon, Growmon and Megalo Growmon in mind.

    Jesmon also fits this, his line is Huckmon, BaoHuckmon and SaviorHuckmon.

    Ulforce V-Dramon is another nice example, since we know about V-Dramon and Aero V-Dramon. But, one problem exists with his child form. The V-Dramon line was created in the V-Tamer manga that was created at the beginning of the Pendulum Series, telling the story of a “bug”, a new Digimon that was unknown. This is V-Dramon’s story that evolved from Agumon. V-mon was created only later by Watanabe for the 02 Series, and although this was created with V-Dramon/XV-mon in mind, the original line for Ulforce V-Dramon was Agumon, V-Dramon and Aero V-Dramon. Now we rarely see that, and V-mon is normally the one used the most, so I think that we can use both Agumon and V-mon as Child forms for Ulforce V-Dramon.

    Magnamon is the armor evolution of V-mon.

    Sleipmon line is Kudamon, Reppamon and Tyilinmon

    And of course, Examon’s line is the fusion between Slayerdramon (Wingdramon/Coredramon Blue/Dracomon) and Breakdramon (Groundramon/Coredramon Green/Dracomon)

    Anyway, I think that until now, all these evolutionary lines are common sense. Now, here comes the “different stuff”. In the game “Digimon ReArise”, although there’s a lot of evolutionary lines for a single Digimon, they are fixed. This means that in this game the Digimon is already born with a single evolutionary line. And in this game, the Royal Knights are available and are important characters.

    The Royal Knights that we already discussed in fact appears using the lines that I already explained.

    Dynasmon and LordKnightmon. This is a funny thing, because in the card game, the card “Winning Percentage: 80%!” revealed that Dynasmon evolved from Silphymon and LordKnightmon from Knightmon, this evolutionary line is used nearly every time, so this makes sense. In ReArise this is also a fact, as you can see here LordKnightmon evolutionary line is Hagurumon, Clockmon and Knightmon, and Dynasmon evolutionary line is Hakwmon, Aquilamon and Silphymon (Jogress with Tailmon).

    Gankoomon’s line is Solarmon, Meramon and Death Meramon.

    Craniummon line is Hagurumon, Guardomon and Andromon.

    Duftmon’s line is Elecmon, Leomon and Panjyamon.

    Keys and Explanations

    One problem profiles have is confusion with keys and justifications, so let's start with that.

    Royal Knights' speed is supported through scaling with other Immeasurable characters (The Seven Great Demon Lords, Mephismon/Apocalymon, etc, but they also have their own feats.

    The main feat is moving through the New Digital World. For those who do not know, New Digital World is a world created by Yggdrasil and has the spacetime organized in Terminais (Chronicle Layer System) in which past, present and future are represented by the terminals Ulud, Versandi and Skuld.

    During the history of Digimon Chronicle the Royal Knights, following Yggdrasil's orders, had to constantly travel through the terminals to exterminate the Digimon using X-Antibody. That is, they crossed spacetime at all times and it is specifically stated that to do so it was necessary to transcend spacetime. And indeed, characters like Alphamon and Medieval Dukemon (who are part of this storyline) were described as transcendent to spacetime, and we saw in a straightforward scene Alphamon moving directly from the Past to the Future.

    This is mentioned in some profiles, but the explanation is a bit confusing. For example, Dynasmon X has this explanation, but Royal Knights would only use X-Antibody at the end of the storyline, so the justification would have to be in Dynasmon’s key.

    Therefore the explanations should be: Immeasurable (Able to move through spacetime and thus travel between past, present and future. This feat has been described as capable of transcending time itself.)

    This is valid for Omegamon, Dukemon, Magnamon, Dynasmon, Lord Knightmon and UlForce V-Dramon (The RK that existed at the time of the Chronicle Storyline). This is also valid for Alphamon, but since Alphamon has another statements, we can add: Moved through spacetime from the past (Ulud Terminal) to the future (Skuld Terminal). It was directly described as having transcended spacetime to save the world

    Gankoomon has another feat, moving in the Digital Dungeon in Digimon Adventure PSP, a place that exists beyond space-time.

    Royal Knights like Duftmon, Craniummon, Examon, Jesmon or Slepimon didn't exist at the time of the Digimon Chronicle Storyline, so they will simply scale to the feats of the others member: Immeasurable (Comparable to other members of the Royal Knights who have transcended spacetime to move through past, present and future.)

    For their X-Antibody forms, we can simply use “Faster than their base forms”

    Also, the name of the key “Official Databook” is very wrong, this assumes that we are talking only about a “Databook” version, and this isn’t the case. We should simply use the name of the character. And we already do that with some members of the group.


    Currently the Royal Knights are listed as Acausal because of Cyber Sleuth events, where a modification of the Eaters has caused a change in all of history, a cosmic reboot. Something similar also occurred in Adventure TRI.

    Another important factor to consider is that the Royal Knights, traveling between past, present and future, made changes in history at all moments and were unaffected. 7

    In addition Royal Knights exist in the Kernel, within the Yggdrasil System outside the New Digital World, which means they exist outside the past, present and future. What some people say is Type 4 Acausality, but I'm not sure.

    If this is accepted, it must also be something that should be given to other Kernel inhabitants who exist outside the past, present and future and can observe everything at the same time, specifically the Three Great Angels.


    • Update Digimon Physiology page by including Hacking Skills as examples of Reality Warping/Law Manipulation and the Digimon Attribute descriptions as an explanation of how common it is for a Digimon to utilize these powers.
    • Add some extra powers to the Royal Knights, replace some artwork and correct some descriptions;
    • Fix the whole Evolution Line problem with the Royal Knights;
    • Add acausality to other Digimon, since they exist outside the past, present and future.
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    • An example of what I intend to do is this prototype of the revised Alphamon page.

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    • Alright, this looks good.

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    • Only Virus Buster Digimon would gain this ability to "Delete", right?

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    • I think so, but it looks like this is something that others Digimon can do, Cyberdramon's profile says

      When Virus Digimon break out on the Computer Network, it suddenly appears out of nowhere and annihilates them all. However, it is a lone warrior that is not affiliated with the group of justice, the "Virus Busters", and its true colors are shrouded in mystery.

      So other Digimon may have it (we know Cyberdramon uses it in the Eraser Claw attack), but the certainty is that Virus Busters do.

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    • Alright.

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    • We of course discussed all of this in the Discord, I agree.

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    • BUMP

      We got Examon X-Antibody artwork

      Examon X Antibody
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    • Beautiful.

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    • Fully agree with everything. Great job.

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    • PalazzoWiles
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      23:49, November 16, 2019
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    • @PalazzoWiles It is true that Digimon has multiple evolutionary paths, they can evolve and de-evolve and thereby accumulate many different abilities as well (as we have done since Digimon World 2).

      Yet for this to happen, the Digimon, usually, have to follow a certain evolutionary line. If I want Ulforce V-Dramon in CS to have Texture Blow, I need it to go to other Digimon before I have an Ulforce V-Dramon with Texture Blow.

      For general examples of an species, we agree to leave skills of other evolutionary lines as a way to integrate this mechanics into profiles. But if we talk about specific characters within games, anime, manga or other products, we follow the evolutionary line they feature in these products.

      If we are going to create a profile for a generic Omegamon, we could integrate skills from different Digimon other than WarGreymon and Metal Garuurmon. But if we are talking exclusively about an Omegamon that we know had as evolutionary line of Metal Garurumon + War Greymon, and we have not had a demonstration of that Omegamon having already had other evolutionary lines, then we will only use the Digimon abilities that we saw composing this evolutionary line.

      You're right that Digimon has a branched evolutionary line, but as a way to control the skills of these Digimon, which is beyond my decisions, some guidelines have been decided and the limitation for Digimon that are specific characters only have abilities of the evolutionary lines we saw is one of them.

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    • Bump

      blog updated with the better artwork of Gankoomon along with the profile from Twitter and the description of its new attack, and is a very op one.

      "A flawless uppercut driven by an intense thrust of ki generated from its body, which has assimilated with Hinukamuy, ignoring all of the opponent's abilities, parrying, and defending. The opponent cannot defend themselves against this technique regardless of how powerful they are. "

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    • I trust Dragonmasterxyz's and Executors's senses of judgement.

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    • I say we just perform these changes now and get them done.

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    • That is probably fine.

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    • Range should also be updated on certain top tiers like Lucemon.

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    • A FANDOM user
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