• Shea

    Post Haltina she should have Statistics Amplification due to evolution magic:

    “Shea-style defensive maneuver, Power Through!” “That can hardly be called a maneuver.” The copy was right, but unfortunately for it, that didn’t matter. Shea crossed her arms in an x-shape in front of her chest and dashed through the barrage. She improved her already insane body strengthening by enhancing it with evolution magic. As a result, the explosive slugs barely even bruised her skin as they exploded. She had quite literally just powered through. And once she was through, it was her turn to go on the offensive.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 1

    She should also have Resistance to Spatial Manipulation due to Yue's space severing having no effect on her:

    She hit Shea with a space-severing strike that would turn normal humans into mincemeat.

    The air creaked as it was ripped apart, and the nearby walls and ceiling disintegrated. However, Shea just— “Secret technique— Grin and bear it!” Withstood the attack. With her body. She was, of course, using evolution magic and strengthening magic to raise her endurance to the limit, but even Yue hadn’t expected her spell to do no damage at all.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 1


    Post Haltina she should also have Statistics Amplification due to evolution magic:

    “Limiter Removal.”

    Enhanced by evolution magic, Tio’s black breath shot toward her copy.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 2

    She should have Illusion Creation:

    The copy turned to the side. As expected, Tio was standing there. She’d used the residual heat from her own breath to leave a mirage of herself behind, which was what had been hit by the copy’s attack.

    When Tio had hit the copy with her breath, it had lost sight of her for just a second. And in that second, Tio had left an illusion in her wake and moved elsewhere.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 2

    Resistance to Telepathy though probably redundant since she has resistance to mind manipulation already:

    “Impossible... You mastered yourself?”

    The copy couldn’t believe what it was seeing. Without any impetus to bolster her, Tio had almost effortlessly rallied her spirit. That could mean only one thing. Tio had full control over her mental state at all times. The copy hadn’t been reading Tio’s thoughts. She had been letting it read them. And only the ones she wanted to show. From the very start, Tio had possessed such mastery over herself that she’d deceived even the labyrinth. If Hajime and the others were overpowered when it came to fighting prowess, then Tio was overpowered when it came to mental strength.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 2

    Her intelligence should be upgraded, she said to be the smartest person in Hajime's group and a genius:

    “Mmm... That’s right. Even though you’re a pervert, you’re so smart, Tio. If only you weren’t a pervert.”

    Yue repeated herself, though this was something everyone knew already. Despite her weird fetishes, Tio was a genius. Even if she was sitting at Hajime’s feet, she was the smartest member of the party.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 4


    Post Haltina she should have Reactive Power Level:

    The battle had been intense. But it also had a mystical beauty to it, like an ancient shinto dance. As time passed, Kaori grew even more adept at coping with her mental scars, which made her power grow in turn.

    “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” “Ngh, you’ve gotten even faster!?” Unable to weather the onslaught, the copy jumped back. It then unleashed a beam of black disintegration at Kaori. Kaori aligned the top of her sword with her copy and unleashed a disintegration blast of her own. The two beams collided, sending out ripples of annihilation. Anything the ripples touched was obliterated instantly. “Your jealousy, your frustration, your impatience, and your inferiority complex haven’t disappeared! You’re still just as ugly as before, so why are you getting stronger!?” “Even if my feelings haven’t changed, I can still grow.” Kaori’s voice was surprisingly gentle. A chill ran down the copy’s spine, and it glanced over its shoulder while maintaining its beam. As it feared, Kaori had managed to create a magic circle in midair behind it using her feathers. “Thunderburst!” “You can even cast spells remotely now?” The copy unfurled its wings and shot into the air. About thirty minutes had passed since the battle began. All throughout, Kaori had been unable to use her feathers to create remote magic circles. But the copy had no time to process this development, as Kaori unfurled her own silver wings and chased it down. She swung down with her blades, and the copy raised its own to block. There was a loud metallic clang as the four swords collided.

    She didn’t just seem faster to the copy because it was getting weaker. She really was just getting that much faster. There was a single reason for Kaori’s sudden power-up. She was finally learning how to draw out the full potential of the body she inhabited. The long hours of training were finally beginning to pay off. Her growth, as she put it, was more than just mental.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 1

    She should also have Weapon Mastery:

    Kaori struck relentlessly, her swords trailing silver arcs through the air. Her peerless swordsmanship was now truly at the level Noint’s had been. Though it was only by a factor of milliseconds, the copy was now slower.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 1


    Post Haltina she should have Memory Manipulation, due to her copy who has all her abilities using spirit magic to show her memories of her past:

    She’s probably using spirit magic to make me relive my memories... I thought I was guarding against that, but it seems not.

    Yue and her copy were perfectly matched in terms of power. But because Yue kept on being unbalanced by her memories she was losing the initiative.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 1

    She should also have Statistics Amplification due to evolution magic, literally everybody can use it to boost themselves and Yue is a genius at magic, she should be able to do that too.


    Post Haltina he should have Absorption due to his armor being able to absorb mana:

    Thanks to the mana-absorption ability Hajime had added to Kouki’s armor he could remain in Limit Break for longer, but he was burning mana so recklessly that even then his time limit was approaching.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 3

    Think his key which is "After Combining with his False Self" should be renamed to something like "Copy Fusion".

    That key should have Regeneration (Mid-Low) due to healing a broken knee cap:

    With one kneecap smashed Kouki couldn’t even stand. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to dodge, he screamed and assumed a defensive posture. But just before hitting him, the blast changed trajectory and bent toward Hajime. It seemed the beam was a homing beam. Hajime focused on the input coming from his Demon Eye. In doing so, he was able to see the nucleus of the spell. He fired Donner, shooting the nucleus down with pinpoint accuracy.

    The copy didn’t seem to mind, though. It appeared its goal had just been to get Hajime away from Kouki. Unconcerned, it turned toward Kouki. Kouki weakly thrust his sword at it, but the copy easily batted it aside and leaned in to whisper in Kouki’s ear. It looked like a devil trying to lead him into temptation. Hajime had no idea what it whispered to Kouki, but once it finished Kouki started glancing back and forth between Hajime and the copy, his eyes bloodshot. Then, as if resigned, he nodded. A second later, the copy’s outline began to blur, and it started fading away. Motes of black light rose up from it and started circling Kouki. “Now then, it’s time we truly became a hero. Let’s strike down evil and save our beloved heroines!” “Shut up! I don’t take orders from you! I’m just using your powers to defeat Nagumo. Once he’s gone, you’re next!” The copy grinned. It then turned entirely into black particles and went inside Kouki. A second later, Kouki’s body began to throb. It throbbed so loudly the noise echoed through the room, and streaks of black started appearing in the white light surrounding him. It was like drops of ink had been spilled in a pool of milk. Kouki staggered to his feet. His shoulder and knee had been completely healed.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 3

    Also he regenerated from bleeding a lot:

    Sheesh... Hajime smiled ruefully to himself and pulled the trigger. He fired thrice in quick succession with both revolvers. Unable to change his trajectory, Kouki was showered in bullets. He jerked like a ragdoll as streaks of red light shot through him. Hajime had even taken into account how each bullet would cause Kouki’s body to contort, ensuring each of his shots hit no vitals.

    A second later, blood sprayed from Kouki’s numerous wounds and he fell to the ground with a wet thud. From a distance, Kouki looked like a corpse. But it was obvious he wasn’t when he started moving. Using his twin swords as crutches, he staggered to his feet. His shoulders, arms, and legs were bleeding profusely, but in seconds those wounds closed.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 3

    Not really sure about this one closest thing to it is Reactive Power Level, basically the more negative emotions he feels, the stronger he gets:

    Though he’d long since surpassed his physical limits, Kouki’s negative emotions allowed him to squeeze even more power out of his Overload. Now that he’d fused with his copy, whenever his copy grew in power, he did too. Going off of stats alone, Kouki had reached the point where he’d soon eclipse Hajime unless Hajime himself used Limit Break. He was swinging his swords with the same speed and power that Noint had.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 3

    His ap needs a change, he is comparable to Apostles of God however, this is a result of fusing with his copy + overload which makes him 5x stronger + negative emotions making him stronger.

    In other words he shouldn't be City level with Limit Break and Overload, he should just be Small City level.


    Post Haltina she should have Water Manipulation:

    Suzu quickly neutralized it with a water barrier.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 2


    Ryutarou doubled over, blood spilling from his mouth. The sight was so ghastly it would likely win first place in a most shocking videos contest. Pale-faced, Suzu jumped off of Ryutarou’s back and hurriedly cast healing magic on him. She didn’t have an affinity for it like Kaori, so her healing magic wasn’t too effective. She’d only learned a few beginner spells in case of emergencies.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 2

    Portal Creation due to Hajime giving her familiars a gate key:

    Hajime also fashioned collar artifacts enchanted with his Gate Keyholes for everyone’s familiars. This way, Suzu and the others could let them roam free in their homeland and still summon them whenever they needed them.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 4

    General Additions

    Everyone who can use metamorphosis magic should have Matter Manipulation. Metamorphosis magic lets the user control organic substances:

    “Anyway, that’s basically how metamorphosis magic works. However, you guys are subtly off. The more precise definition of metamorphosis magic is... magic that lets you manipulate organic substances.”

    “Umm...” Shea looked at Hajime in confusion. Kaori and the others might have heard the word in school somewhere, but Shea had no idea what “organic” meant. For that matter, neither did Tio. Realizing he was using unfamiliar terminology, Hajime cleared his throat and explained, “This isn’t as accurate a definition, but to put it more simply, metamorphosis magic lets you mess with the stuff living things are made of. Meaning if you wanted to, you could use it on like food and paper and stuff too, not just plants and animals. Of course, you can use it on humans as well.” Put simply, one could mess with their hair or eyes or so on. As Hajime finished talking, Yue put on a visual demonstration. She cast metamorphosis magic and turned her golden-blonde hair pale white. She also turned her crimson eyes sky-blue.

    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 4

    Creation magic lets the user manipulate inorganic matter, which is also Matter Manipulation:

    It wasn’t “magic that let you enchant ore,” but rather “magic that let you manipulate inorganic matter.” In other words, the polar opposite of metamorphosis magic. Now that Hajime knew this, he realized creation magic could be applied to water or salt too.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 4

    Restoration magic is Time Manipulation:

    Restoration magic was magic that manipulated time. Which explained why in her message, Meiru had described it as magic that restores and not magic that heals. However, it could do more than just restore things to a previous state. Since it could interfere with time directly, it could be used to look into the past or potential futures based on set decision variables. Shea’s Future Sight was, in fact, just one application of restoration magic.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 4

    Evolution magic is Information Manipulation:

    Evolution magic was magic that manipulated information. When it was used to strengthen someone’s stats or skills, it effectively overwrote the “information” of their abilities with something of a higher tier.
    ~ Volume 10, Chapter 4

    Now all these abilities have more applications ie evolution magic also grants Information Analysis, space magic is boundary manipulation which also grants Subjective Reality, gravity magic manipulates the planets energy and can cause earthquakes and volcanoes etc however skilled users are the only ones who can use the abilities to that extent and the characters just learned the true nature of these abilities.

    So we'll just have to wait to see them use those abilities.

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