• Hey so I kinda saved your butt from officially going to Rule Violation Thread, but that doesn't mean this isn't an absolutely serious warning. Lay off the BS sensitivity.

    For starters, if you think that everyone, or hell, even the staff, has an absolute responsibility to be nice to you, that is not exactly the case, in that we'll not be dropping slurs left and right or being rude, but we as all hell definitely not hold the responsibility to instruct users repeatedly on stuff that is stated in the first wall message by Promestein. Of course, the staff will help you if you were to ask stuff on their message wall, but not on threads.

    Secondly, even if we weren't being nice in your opinion, calling someone a 'fucking asshole' is uncalled for. Remember that one Spider-Man vs. Mysterio thread? Imagine when you stated 'You just want your favourite to win' I replied with 50 different swears with a thread closure since I found that rude, which I kinda did for a fact. That's the kinda level stuff you did.

    Thirdly, lay off Antvasima, man. That is not even me being a staff member, the dude works 24 hours on the wiki and single handedly manages every CRT, Profile, Wiki Management and Staff Discussion. You can't blame the guy for not being 'nice enough' or instructing new users thoroughly. He is legitimately overworked, which granted does not excuse his every action, but the one you insulted him over was not justified in any way.

    Anyways this was a relatively minor offense so you won't be facing any massive repercussions, just familiarize yourself with the rules of the wiki, drop the language and any accusations, and don't point fingers at staff or tell them how to do their jobs, and we'll be golden af

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    • Thanks I do appreciate it, I will apologize to him too. I just took a break from the wiki and did some other stuff.

      I know that everyone has their bad days I certantly have mine, Idk I thought I was in the right because it said "all purpose request thread" so I was like ok this is where I request a page. I think Vandal Savage is a pretty cool character and would be cool in debates. And he just came off so cold like I know what I said was unwarranted but I didn't think I would get a response like that because, again I didn't know. I didn't know new comers could make pages. I'm definitely not going to make his page because it'll look so bad people would think that I'm trolling. 

      I do see him alot in multiple threads so I could see him being stressed out, I know a lot of staff members do. I'm just gonna start looking around the different pages they have and see what I find and learn some stuff. 

      Thanks Again!

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    • Very well.

      Also, in terms of the Vandal Savage page, if you do wanna make it, use the Blog feature present in your main user page to create a dummy page of sorts, which you can copy-paste source code of in the Add Page window once completed. Also, ensure you check out the following pages:

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    • Is there a way to move it since I already started? I was probably gonna ask you to double check it for me lol.

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    • You can copy paste the stuff you've written directly on the blog. Just Ctrl+ C lol

      I can check it if you want, sure

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    • A FANDOM user
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