• I've finished reading the Koyomimonogatari novels. Not much to add to the profiles besides giving Kagenui a speed rating, and adding to some justifications.

    • Yozuru Kagenui gets Supersonic speed for fighting Yotsugi Ononoki and winning. [1]
    • Following from the last point, Kagenui's 9-A AP should no longer have a "likely" and should include beating Yotsugi in the justification.
    • On Kagenui's speed, she also has this blatantly subsonic feat which I'll add to the speed justification too.
    • Another scan of Kagenui nullifying her weight.

    And now, for a few things that I don't really know the implications of:

    • Gaen has the real Kokorowatari, not a replica. So far I think this just means editing the summary of the Kokorowatari and Yumewatari pages to reflect that she forged the real deal, but I don't think we know how exactly this changes its potency.
    • Ononoki only follows orders, making her nothing to fear when her master's gone. I feel like this could have an implication for battles, but could also be easily worked around (if we just assumed that Ononoki's told to kill the opponent, for example). I'd like advice on what to change about her page. EDIT: The suggestion seems to be to add Resistance to Social Influencing to her profile, and probably a note where it's assumed that she's ordered to kill for battles.
    • There's also repeated talk about the importance of Ononoki being an artificial aberration, and how that makes it harder for Ougi to affect her. I don't really understand the consequences of this yet, but when I eventually get more context it could either turn into a limitation on Ougi's abilities, or a resistance for Ononoki.
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    • Everything look fine.

      For Ononoki, I guess she will get some resistance to Social Interaction since no matter you are, she'll only follow the order to kill you, she can't be reasoned by words I guess.

      For Kokorowatari, just add it in her standard equipment, it's not an AP based weapon so no need to changer her AP

      For the last one, dunno, sorry.

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    • Yeah, this all looks fine.

      If we don't know what the difference in potency is for the real Kokorowatari, then yeah, only the summary needs change.

      I feel like assuming Ononoki is told to kill her opponent is the best tbh, we already discount similar situations on the wiki (though i don't really have examples right now). That should definetly be in the weakness section/in a note too.

      If we don't have more context, it should be best to wait i feel.

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    • The strength of sword is mostly dependent on its wielder and it’s abilities it can bestow the wielder. Take Ragna the Bloodedge for example, his sword allows him to have haxy soul manipulation and his own strength is Low 6-B but we don’t know of what the sword is made of. It appears to be something similar to steel but it doesn’t break under his own strength.

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    • Everything's fine, ye

      That Ononoki statement doesn't really change much. Even if an opponent opted to kill Kagenui, Ononoki would still have the order to win the fight. I also agree with Causality on resist to social interaction.

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    • Would resistance to social interaction end up as something like, adding Resistance to Social Influencing to her profile?

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    • Yeah, definitely that

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    • This seems fine to me as well.

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    • I agree with the Resistance to Social Influencing too.

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    • So, am I good to make these changes now?

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    • I suppose so, yes.

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    • Just noticed that Yotsugi still has "at least" and "likely higher" for most statistics, with the reasoning being all her feats are casual or against unknown opponents. Now that she's been beaten by someone whose other feats are in the 9-A range, I'll remove that.

      Everyone else, feel free to weigh in if you think it should stay.

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    • "At least" should be removed then.

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    • That seems fine, yes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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