• Dekoshu
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    I chose to not have any responses here.
    02:41, June 28, 2016

    It's beyond too late. I just need to permanently move on and find much better people, emphasis on better, not just equally great ones, people who I can safely relate to without being threatened or constantly noted without too much or even a single thing to do every day here. They do not have my best interest here, at all. And I hate constantly dwelling in the past, and detest it when people keep reminding me of the past for good and the bad. Now that I'm finally free from this forever, those comments wouldn't have any justification in the future now. I rather be somewhere else where people can understand me for who I am and not just try to make me unrealistically perfect or constantly demand or ask me to improve to an unhealthy degree, or even force me or threatening me, regardless of their occupation. I'm just a person and it'll take more than just unrealistic, shallow comments to convince me otherwise. I don't want to see "whatever", half-hearted thank yous, "you're blocked here, Dekoshu", "Shut up, nobody cares about your well being." or any other ignorable comments or any unacceptable comments. I just want to quietly continue sooner or later, please...

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