• Because they are both characters with sharp feline claws and metal looking appearance, I guess?



    5483601-x3 ling-greed attacks


    1. This is Black Panther at his strongest from Marvel Comics without any injuries; whereas this is Greedling at his strongest from Fullmental Alchemist without any injuries.

    2. Black Panther in prime, and dons Panther Habit; whereas Greedling in prime, and dons Ultimate Shield.

    3. 1-on-1 death battle.

    4. No interference or holding back allowed.


    Wakanda from Black Panther Vol 6 4 0001

    Anywhere in Wakanda, Africa.

    King of Necropolis: 0

    Emperor of Xing: 0

    Inconclusive: 0

    Note: No Preparation Time, Equipment, Transportations, Weapons, and King of the Dead allowed. Also speed to equalized to prevent speed blitzes.

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