• You said this:

    The thing is though PR has multiple 5-A, and 5-B feats that Rangers and their zords scale to, also do to megaforce the dragonzord would at least be 5-B. So he still stomps.

    However Composite Kiry is 5-A tier with Relativistic attack speed without count the power ups and speed boosts.

    He scales from this Godzilla Godzilla (Newgin)

    Also I'm not even taking into account Kiryu from Super Robot Wars lol

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    • the thing is the fight was not using Composite Kiryu. it was using movie Kiryu. who is not 5-A. so what I said was right. Dragonzord still stomps Kiryu.

      Edit: Also even if you do use a 5-A Kiryu. Kiryu only has a slight AP advantage and still get speed blitzed.

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    • Actually as you can see here and here  they used comic book feats and incarnations of Kiryu, which means it is a Composite one.

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    • And I will point out that deathbattle have stated they do not use composite characters anymore, and only used comic stuff  to suport the moive feats.

      And again even giving him the speed stats of the this site gives Composite Gozilla,  Dragonzord's MTFL+ speds let it Speed Blitz. Since Kiryu would at best have FTL combat speed.

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    • Well tbh Kiryu doesn't have those feats in movies, so basically yes they're original from comic.

      About the speed you're right without doubts, however I just wanted to explain you that Kiryu is 5-A.

      Thanks for your time!

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    • Hey it is fine. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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