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    So, since Apostle Zodd has a durability of above baseline 8-B in his profile as of posting this, shouldn't Pre-Eclipse Griffith's AP be 8-B for cleanly slicing off his arm in this page here (see below image)?


    This is from Volume 5, Episode 5 btw

    Edit: Changed link to image since I can't get the original to load

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    • Bumping this

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    • This seems to make sense, but you should ask some of the active and experienced members listed in the Berserk (Verse) page to comment here as well.

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    • Antvasima wrote:
      This seems to make sense, but you should ask some of the active and experienced members listed in the Berserk (Verse) page to comment here as well.

      Is there a way to notify them about this thread? Or should I dm them? Though not sure who these member are, are they the ones listed as supporters in the Berserk page?

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    • Yes. They are listed as supporters and neutral there. You can use their message walls to inform them about this thread.

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    • Wouldn’t that just be PIS tho

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    • Hellbeast1 wrote:
      Wouldn’t that just be PIS tho

      Wouldn't call it PIS, atleast by how the wiki defines PIS, since the sliced off arm didn't advance nor affect the plot in any significant way other than displaying Griffith's strength and capability. The limb was literally reattached a few pages later and it ultimately did nothing for them in the fight (Guts and Griffith both get knocked down in the next pages). 

      Maybe it is an outlier or inconsistency tho, but I haven't thought of a direct contradiction atm (the closest I can think of is Griffith failing to slice through Guts' sword during their second duel but that maybe attributed to Guts' swing being stronger and faster than Griffith's)

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    • Outlier then

      Because doesn’t Guts match Griffith in the Golden Arc?

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    • Afaik, Guts outgrew Griffith in terms of battle capability over time during the Golden Age Arc (reason being Guts was always on the frontlines and had more battles under his belt) . The exact point when Guts became stronger than Griffith is uncertain but their second duel is definitely after Guts has already surpassed him.

      Hard to call if this is an outlier tho since Guts himself, one year after beating Griffith, almost beat an apostle and performed the incredible feats he did during the Eclipse against all those bloodlusted apostles, so Guts overpowering Griffith in that instance doesn't really do much damage against this possible AP upgrade

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    • Yeah I do remember talking about this

      Zodd is already strong enough to oneshot any standard Apostle, it's clear they aren't all made equal. And, considering that, Guts got completely stomped into the ground by Wyadd, who in turn got finished off by Zodd in one fell swoop

      This is just plain and simple PIS. Guts had to spend years getting stronger to actually come close to Zodd's level.

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    • Okay. Thank you for the evaluation. Should I close this thread then?

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    • Yeah there isn't really much to discuss here

      Just another rift in scaling is all

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    • It would have made a clearer contradiction if Guts had an opening and hacked at Zodd (or even Apostle Form Wyald's) limb and they tanked it without significant damage. 

      There's this one time when Apostle Form Wyald's arm got slashed by Guts, Wyald's arm didn't get severed but Guts sword slashed through it and he got hurt enough that he let go of Casca (Wyald's arm that time was positioned higher than Zodd's here though so it could have been that Guts sword's reach wasn't enough to severe it completely). Granted, that was after Guts beat Griffith on a duel and trained for a year. And to be fair, Zodd one-shotted Wyald because he was severely wounded at the time and got attacked from behind (Not saying Wyald is as strong as Zodd though, just that it wouldn't have been as easy for Zodd to oneshot him in a fair matchup). Tbh idk if this helps the upgrade or goes against it tho.

      I'm guessing it is an outlier, but I want to wait for others' opinions on this. 

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    • Guts still got pummeled when Wyald dished some damage back, and he ended up shattering his sword in the fight against him The winning move was him just giving up a straight up attack and choking him until it looked like he was gonna die, so

      I don't remember all the exact details of the encounter but yeah

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    • I will close this thread then. Thank you for the help.

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