• You forgot to add Law Manipulation as well to the esper pages. I'm not sure whether it was Destiny or you that did the editing or a combination of both. It should probably flow like: 

    Limited Law Manipulation (Espers operate off their own principle of Laws)  I don't think the resistances exactly need to be added though since The Manipulation part probably does the job enough. Although I'm not sure if you can put Law Manipulation twice for Accel. If you think we need a summary explaining it on every Espers profile at say, the Abilities, I can likely provide it now that I'm feeling better. I'd do it myself but I don't wanna accidentally mess anything up. 

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    • I will add it to Accelerator's anyway. I mean there's a huge difference between limited Law Manipulation where you only write your own personal Laws on a micro scale and writing the laws into the universe on a Macro scale. 

      I'm going through the profile pages because I've noticed that some of the changes that were made are being reversed. Like adding "Likely Higher" to Kakine's tiers. I will have to fix Kakine's AP section as well since I don't know someone has him at 7-C with wings. He only has 8-B and 7-C (OT and NT). So I will have to fix that and want to get all of that out of the way first. Oh wait, no that's durability section it's in not the AP section XD

      I want to changed Conceptual Manipulation and Magic into Conceptual vector Manipulation and Magical Vector Manipulaton. I will still add Magic (without vectors) but will add the weaknessess in because he doesn't have limited application to magic he just suffers from the recoil if he uses it without vectors. I'm trying to make his profile as correct as possible.

      I think we can just add the Limited Law/Possibility Manipulation in the power and abiltites bit but if you think we should do a section on it, a summery would be a massive help but either way just saying Limited Law Manipulation (Espers operate off their own principle of Laws) should be fine. 

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    • I can construct a summary later if you think it'd benefit it. I think changing it to Limited Conceptual Vector Manipulation and Magical Vector Manipulation would be better since Conceptual Vectors would likely require a lot more time to process as he had to go the entire novel considering the process in NT21 for that stuff. 

      Yeah, I think someone complained to Antvasma or something despite the changes largely being agreed upon. 

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    • I don't think limited needs to be added since it's already been said he understands that world. The limitations came from his lack of understanding. 

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    • I'm just saying it to avoid misconceptions just in case people thinks he can vector abstract concepts.  On second thought, I don't really think a summary is needed. The little quip in the abilities is enough I think with working off their own Principle of Law. 

      Here's hoping this is the last Accel revision we have to do for a while. 

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    • That's fair and yeah that's true there would be misconceptions regarding it. Then I will put limited for Conceptual vector Manipulation but I don't think Magical Vector Manipulation needs to be limited. 

      And agree, the summery isn't needed really.


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    • Okay added the Limited Law Manipulation to the level 5 espers. Hopefully it won't be reversed. I will start on the level 4's hopefully tomorrow.

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    • Nice, thanks dude. I've been wondering how something like the Esper mechanics could be missed for years, but I'm gonna assume most people just skimmed OT and went to NT...guilty as charged as I did the same for a bit. 

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    • Yeah that was my bad. I didn't know how to explain having Law Manip twice on Accel's page, so I decided to just focus on Probability instead. Kinda half-assed it in the process :/ If you want, my contributions page has a whole list of Esper profiles I edited.

      They should all be the ones that say "undo revision by Antvasima" (except Yakumaru and Acid and Counselor and Bisai and Ayame and Shutaura and Arei and Awatsuki) which I missed the first time around. Might be easier than searching one-by-one.

      EDIT: I finished them all. You're welcome ^_^

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    • Did we ever add the internal spell/coordinate immunity to Accel's profile? 

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    • No, I'm not too sure how to go around adding it or what power it falls into or whether we should just add it as a summery with the reflection bit, like we do with teleportation.

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    • I think it should be part of reflection. Something like 'He has shown the ability to prevent activation of internal based spells and coordinate based attacks' either on Vector Control or reflection. 

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    • I agree. I need someone to write the summery since as I said before I'm not very good at summeries or explaining things but I will add it on. I still have to add Limited Law Manipulation to the other Esper profiles as well. 

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    • Probably having it put as its own tick would work under Vector Control, something like:

      Internal Spell/Coordinate attack immunity: With his new knowledge on Magic, Accelerator has demonstrated feats of preventing the coordinate-based activation of attacks inside him along with internal immunity to spells showcased through his battle with Elizard and Nephyths.  

      Because let's be honest, Nephyths wasn't drawing from specific sources, she was drawing from whatever had moisture and it was even stated that Accel's ability prevented his moisture from even coming off his skin. It wasn't transmission based and seemed to work on whatever was in the space so it should've still activated inside Accel and it didn't. 

      Maybe adding 'Immunity to Conventional Mind Hax' as well but I don't think we had that on the revision, even though he clearly showed no changes when Qliphah tried to stimulate him with her dress in NT21 and he just tickled her in response along with Neph having to target Qliphah's connection specifically despite her tears providing mind hax as well. We may need to make one last CRT for that if you think it's neessary, but for now I think Internal Spell immunity should take priority. 

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    • @Destiny



      I think I did add Accelerator being immuned to Mind Hax in the very long CRT I did with adding most of Accelerator's abilites. As usual we all agreed with adding it except one person. 

      I never understood why Mind Hax was so readily accepted that it would work. Imo I think if something is not shown either way, then it should be debated upon, not just accepted because other people just want it to be the case. I mean a lot of Accelerator's battles ends up in stomps (either him stomping or him getting stomped) or inconclusive but what can make Accelerator's debates interesting are those debates where you can argue for or against something.

      The other annoying thing is when someone says something will or won't work because it';s a scalar not a vector. I feel that people tend to seperate the two a bit too much when the two aren't really mutally exclusive. I mean what is a vector? In the most simpliest terms? It's a scalar that has been given direction. No matter what branch of vectors you are studying, be it physics, maths, engereeing and Computer Science, Scalars and vectors are intwerwine. 

      But yeah, we probably do need to do a new CRT on that but we can leave it for now. I also want to bring up possibly adding BFR to his profile as well. He can do it via Gravity Manipulation of course but he can also to do it via what he did in his manga series and the anime. 

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    • Scalar is just a vector that lacks a direction. So long as it has a magnitude it doesn't matter whether it's a scalar or a vector when it comes to Accel tbh since it registers 'harmful forces' less so than 'strictly vectors'.   

      Sure, you can go ahead and make it if you want. It'll probably be accepted anyways for sure and everyone already uses BFR anyways so that'll be accepted right away. 

      Haha, we said these would be the last Accel revisions for a while but we're still putting more on, jesus. 

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    • Well that's what happens when you have a character whose powers are so damn diverse. It's only one ability, but countless applications for it. I guarantee you we'll figure something else out after the BFR/Mind Hax CRT is agreed on. And as soon as 2020 rolls around we'll probably get more feats for Accel, which means more revisions, and so forth and so forth.

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    • I'm torn whether to do one again or bring it up on the CRT thread that it's already on but on the continued one regarding the mind hax resistance or just add it. As I said all but one person agreed and imo they weren't presenting very good arguments to why it shouldn't be added. I felt like it was more they didn't want it to be added rather than it shouldn't. That might be just me though.

      I think we should also maybe add he can resist emotion manipulation as well. But I'm not sure whether to hold off.

      Yes, Accelerator only has one ability but it's has so many applications. The way I see it is that Accelerator is a manipulator in that he can pretty much manipulate anything as long as he understands it.

      Too bad that Kamachi tends to like having Accelerator's fights off page lately. We seen quite a bit with Neph Vs. Accelerator but the fight after he gained everything was all off-screen. The fight with Elizard was off-screen before he largely used his phone. Accelerator is a lot more active with his powers now so I would like to see more on page fights.

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    • I think at this point we might as well just make the CRT separately to get it over with at this point because if I have to deal with another dude who says "MIND HAX WORKS BECAUSE UUUH I SAID SO" I'm gonna lose it dude. 

      But if you have the link to your old CRT then I think you can add it and show it to Ant if anyone tries to reset it.

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    • Those annoy me to or those who scream NLF once they don't have a leg to stand on. Okay I will try and do that later or at least in the week.

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    • Doing the lords work. Good luck. I seriously tear my hair out everytime at this stuff. If it isn't the typical mind hax argument, it's the even dumber TK crush argument. 

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    • You mean the argument that if one has telekinesis they can just crush his heart? I know someone made that argument in the "Who can bypass Accelerator's brillant vector" not the exact wording but *shrugs*

      There's another one that annoys me, I'm trying to think of it, oh yes. You can kill Accelerator by taking the oxgyen from around him.

      You can only achive this is 1. You do it when he's sleeping (which is moot on here) and 2. If you are able to take oxygen from the whole planet. 

      Accelerator won't just drop dead. It will take a few minutes before that happens, and in those minutes he can gather the air towards him, move to a place where there is oxygen or just knock out the person that took away the oxygen.

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    • The way I notice people try to play out fights is that both people just stand there and do nothing like it's an RPG. Obviously if you try and take the air away from Accel he'll start zipping around to fresh pockets and what not.  I never understood the argument that people thought Telekinesis works. If he can manage his internal blood flow and hormones, obviously internal stuff will be counteracted too. 

      But I notice most of these arguments are from people who are unfamilliar with Vectors or the series the begin with, honestly. My absolutely favorite argument still remains when someone assumes the other character can pull off the reverse punch. It's a classic that's timeless. 

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    • Oh, don't remind me about the Kihara punch XD. That has got to be the most stupidest argument ever. Imo I think only one person can pull that off, I mean perfectly, is Kihara Amata. I don't think Rensa can, I don't think Umidori can, even though she has got information on it, I don't think any other Kihara could. I mean these are just characters in universe, so imo there's very little hope for anyone out-side of it to be able to replicate that. 

      What gets me though in vs. battles is no one ever questions if Accelerator's opponants would even figure out Accelerator's powers. I mean it took 10,032 sisters to finally figure out Accelerator's powers and even then Accel told Misaka 10,032. Not many characters, even the really smarts ones, would figure out Accelerator's power because they would just see he can do multiple things. I feel that should be taken into consideration in battles, unless there's pre-knowledge, but it never is. 

      Also imo someone who can see into the past rather than the future can do better against Accelerator. I mean what is seeing into the future really going to do. You maybe able to avoid Accel's attacks but unless Accelerator gives you a run down of his powers in the future they see it's pretty much useless in trying to deal with reflection. But someone who can see into the past can see how the Kihara encounter works and try to replicate it, try being the main word here. Or see other ways someone has bypassed reflection.

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