• Kharn has passive 1-B Power Null and works by what Khorne considers unfair, to him anything that isnt close quarters brawling is unfair and nulled.

    Even to the point where someone was BFRd when they where Kiting Kharn.

    "Kiting refers to keeping an enemy chasing you while also keeping it at a range where it cannot attack you. This tactic is often used to more safely attack the enemy using a long-range attack or to distract the enemy while others attack it."

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    • It seems a bit NFL to me and I hate using that term. I mean has he ever nulled anyone's calculation power before?

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    • How is it NLF? Kharn has nulled Vector Manipultion before iirc and Accelerators calculation power means nothing here as he has no feats of understanding something that is 1-B or higher.

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    • Because he can nullify anything, seems NFL to me. I said seems not was btw.

      Was it like Accelerator's vector Manipulation?

      Esper abilites work differently than what you see in most fiction because it all comes from calculations rather than the power just being there. So one would have to be able to either nullify them being able to calculate or be able to nullify AIM.

      Accelerator understanding an attack doesn't care about AP, so the 1-B or higher don't matter in this regard. It's the mechanics behind the attack that matter and if he can understand the mechanics.

      Basically if he can understand the mechanics, then it's not getting through no matter what.

      If he can't understand the mechanics, then it only needs to have 9-B tier and it could possibly kill him. In base that is.

      Accelerator is a weird one when it comes to this.

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    • The mechnics comes from a higher dimensional beings whims, said higher being would be beyond Accelerators understanding.

      Also within 40k every single hax appears in verse and Kharn has feats of nulling all if not most types of the hax.

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    • That makes more sense than saying it's because of High 1-B AP. Yeah, if Accelerator can't understand the mechanics then yeah he will get stomped. 

      Most but not all. Accelerator's hax is mostly his reflection which is a bit different than most hax powers which are usually more attack originated than defensive. 

      I would still give it to kharn for the former but I think the latter stuff with the hax can be debated on. But not that it needs to be really since Kharn still wins.

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