• CrossverseCrisis
    CrossverseCrisis closed this thread because:
    Supposedly a stomp match + one of the combatants doesn't have a profile here/
    02:30, June 17, 2016


    ~Both characters are within their canonical limits

    ~Riza has 5 Grenades, an M60 Machine Gun, an M1911, and a Hunting Dagger.

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    • Rize easily. Bullets simply bounce off Ghouls and daggers bend on impact as if you were striking a wall. Combine that with her comparable range and superior speed, and it's game-set-mathc.

      That said, don't make versus threads about characters that don't have profiles, or at least take the time to finish the profile while the thread is posted.

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    • Won't this be a stomp fest?

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    • Pretty much.

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    • Hmm. If that's the case, then i may have to close this match. Not only because of what Reppuzan said but given that fact one of the characters here doesn't have a profile here AT ALL.

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