• This might be an interesting matchup.

    Both have acess to any equipment that doesn't exceed 9-B. Defiant is informed that a lone armed individual suspected of using tinkertech is attempting to infiltrate and steal technology in one of Dragon's bases and intercepts them personally, deciding lethal force is necessary after other members of the Guild are killed.

    Speed is equalized, battle takes place in a Canadian Guild base of operations on Earth-Bet. Combatants start 10 meters away.


    XCOM Soldier (Composite)

    Incon -

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    • I still need to revise these guys but heads up, nothing they have will be sub 9B. Sorry.

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    • yikes

      Defiant can still ignore durability through nanothorn tech (which is on his armor plates and weaponry) and disable tech with EMPs/stasis freeze but without an even AP ground that makes things more complicated.

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    • I agree. We can continue the match if you like since the CRT is buried deep underground and protected by the remnants of the Mayan civilization (as in, will never get finished). 

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    • Sure. I’ll bump this when the revisions are finished.

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    • Aight, so what kind of soldier is this? Psi Ops are the strongest and then there's normal guys like Snipers, Rangers, Support, etc. Do they have the potential for cross class avilities?

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    • I thought "Composite" implied the character had the abilities of all of the classes, alongside all cross-class abilities.

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    • Oh wait is this composite

      I completely somehow missed that

      Then yeah I suppose I should ask how good his resistance to mindhax is since the Psi Ops would almost certainly attempt that over the course of a fight

      Psi Ops scale to Ethereals who effecticely control battleships of aliens. So like... probably in the dozens or so.

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    • It's kind of weird, because it blocks both Regent and Tattletale's powers. The former is someone who can directly control the mind of a single persona at a time with some prep/cause involuntary movements without it, while the latter is a Thinker whose shard can dig into his (and a metric ton of other people at a given time) brain for bits of information on him among various other things.

      It didn't work on Khepri's power for sure, though.

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    • Alright so jury is put on mindhax then, I guess. After that you get random psi ops abilities that are much less haxy like just making oneself immune to most forms of damage (Fortress) and other less notable things.

      If I had to name the definitive abilities that would be next most likely to come up in the course of a firefight, it'd be just shooting their guns (low tier guns tend to be mag rifles, sorta like railguns basically) and maybe using a drone to fuck with them. They have plenty of abilities, non psi ops classes, but they mostly just fall under neat applications of Weapon Mastery.

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    • Regent isnt mind control though. He controls the body, but it wad outright said that shadow stalker was completely conscious thr whole tome but just unable to control any part of her own body but her thoughts.

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    • Regent and skitter/khepri don't have mindhax, it's body puppetry

      And with tattletale, didn't he think her power was something else, so it really had no effect with her

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    • Khepri did actually have mind stuff withthe admin shard but that's a special case and nobody but Glastig Uaine and scion resist that anyways 

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    • "I used my ability to read the physical states of the creatures I controlled, reading my swarm much as I’d check a spider’s level of hunger, its health, fertility or the amount of venom available.

      Almost across my entire swarm, people were threatening to lose their minds. Literally.

      It was stress, a factor I hadn’t taken into account. I controlled their bodies, but I didn’t control their minds. They were bystanders, watching this all unfold, and even though I regulated their heartbeats, kept their breathing level, the mental stress accumulated." - speck 30.5

      Doesn't seem like it

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    • A FANDOM user
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