• Hey, I'm Gyro of the wiki's auditing team. I noticed you were a knowledgable member of 'Ajin'. The verse has a couple of minor problems, and we would appreciate your help with it.

    Although it's not controversial, their AP should be justified, moreso for Samuel's profile (give a reason why he's 10-A instead of 10-B). Samuel also has immortality 3 but no listed regeneration, and standard melee range with guns listed on his profile. Would you be able to fix these issues?

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    • I’ll check it out however I’man anime only watcher

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    • 10-A because he physically fights Special Forces soldiers

      Immortality type 3 due to being able to regenerate from having his head blown off by a shot gun (or cut off) and having his body obliterated by a falling skyscraper.

      He has extended melee range with the IBM and whatever is the regular range for multiple guns.

      His speed needs to be calced since he dodges bullets here:

      He should also have immunity to pain manipulation since the more times he dies and resurrects the less pain he feels. He’s lost the feeling of pain and casually kills himself during battle all the time.

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    • Some more speed and pain immunity feats:

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    • Shouldn't he have some form of regen listed on his profile?

      This is more of a profile clean up btw; if you wanted to get other stuff added on then you'd have to go through the usual CRT process.

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    • Yeah he should. I suppose I can go over the verse a bit since there’s only two profiles currently

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    • A FANDOM user
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