• Would it be considered Calc Stacking to use a character's calculated speed for an AP feat? For example...

    A massive character can tag a Reletivistic character (Via Calculation) with their punches. Which of these senarios would be allowed?

    1. The KE of the fist can be calculated with the speed of the Reletivistic character, as the character and the fist are compareable in speed

    2. The KE of the fist can be calculated with what we visually see the fist move at

    3. The KE of the fist cannot be calculated.

    4. Other

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    • Yes, that would be calc stacking. It is similar to this example but in reverse:

      Character A was calculated to be able to punch with an energy of 50 000 Joules. Assuming his fist weights about 0.5 kg, it needed to move at least with Mach 1.3 to get that much energy. So the attack speed of that character and the speed of everyone who can dodge his punches is supersonic.

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    • I see. Well, the character in question's fist would be almost impossible to find the composition of, anyways.

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    • A FANDOM user
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