• Some where in the outer rim above an unknown planet, a dameged Imperial-class Star Destroyer comes out of Hyper Space, the lone survivor of rebal ambush.  A destress signal having been sent moments ago, the admiral in charge breaths a sigh of relief.

    "Statas report. "  The admiral demands.  "sir, the Heavy Turbolasers have been destroyed." responds one of the crewmen.  " The Hyperdrive is dameged and were low on fuel."  Says another.  One of the communications officers chimes in.  "Sir, the destress signal has been received.  A support vessel is on the way.  ETA 3 hours."  "3 HOURS?!  WHAT ARE THEY STOPPING FOR ICE CREAM?!"  The admiral yells as he throws his hat on the table in front of him.  It's been a long day and he's had it.  Just then red lights start blinking, accompanied by a loud beeping noise.  He sighs.  "What now?"   "Sir, theres a hole in the holl of the ship!  We need to get out of space before we run out of oxygen!"  Says one of the crewmen.  "Shhhit." The admiral says while clenching his teeth.  He takes a deep breath to calm his nerves.  "Find some where to land on the planet below."  He commands.

    As they decend, one of the crewmen speaks up.  "Admiral, sensers detect a large life form emiting high levels of neclear enargy."  "Well fly away from it."  He says.  "Last thing we need right now is a bad case of radiation poisoning."  Just then the entire ship shakes as as though something had slamed into it.  "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!"  The admiral asks.  "Admiral, weve been hit from behind!"  Responds one of the crewmen.  "By who?" He asks.  Another one chimes in.  "Sir we have visual.  our attacker seems to be a reptilian creature roughly 350 feet tall.  the same one giving off that radiation from before"  One of the technicians calls up.  "Admiral, the main engine has been dameged our flight speed has been greatly reduced."  "it's about to fire again!  We can't get away!" One of the crewmen warns.  "DAMN IT!"  Yells the admiral while slamming his fist on the table.  "Rise the sheilds, turn around and prepair for battle!  we have no choice but to fight!"  He commands.  As they turn around, they just bearly avoid another attack.  And then they see it.  Their attacker.  The creature they must now do battle with.  The mighty King of the Monsters, Godzilla.

    Imperial II-class Stalker
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