• Where'd you find the high-quality scans of the Medaka Box LNs that you posted? Do you know if any exist for the other, non-Kumagawa, LNs?

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    • Obscure japanese sites. And yeah i found others too...sadly i lost my computer (hard drive broke) so yeah. RIP all of that

      Can't even look up them anymore since it's a pain and i was using japanese name of the LNs to find them

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    • Fuuuck that sucks. But I would be eternally grateful if you could dig those scans up again. The translator that's working on the scans you've given thinks he'll be done with those 2 novels by the end of October, so any time by then works. I've got all the novels, with their Japanese and English names, below.

      • Kuguhara Messhi's Ravenous Rule and Naginoura Sanagi's Forced Vote (久々原滅私の腑抜けた君臨または啝ノ浦さなぎの足蹴による投票)
      • Eburi Richigi's False Modesty and Mukueda Shikii's Trash Manifestation (朳理知戯のおしとやかな面従または椋枝閾の杯盤狼藉マニフェスト)
      • Suisou Is Full of Wriggling Brains (めだかボックス外伝 グッドルーザー球磨川 小説版【上】 『水槽に蠢く脳だらけ』)
      • The Zugzwang of Suisou Management (めだかボックス外伝 グッドルーザー球磨川 小説版【下】 『水槽管理のツークツワンク』)
      • Medaka Box Juvenile: Novel Version (めだかボックス ジュブナイル 小説版)
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    • Eeh, i'll try to see if something can be found. I do have college (next upcoming week) so i'll be busy at that time

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    • Whenever you find the time, buddy.

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