• The story goes as Blocky knew he had had it with the Announcer. So, he decides to do a prank on the Announcer so he can kill him and cancel BFDI so he would illegally obtain Dream Island for himself. He then walked up to the Announcer.

    Blocky: Hey Announcer, take this as a gift...

    Blocky then took out the gift, which seemed to be $100, but with a twist... All of the bills seemingly had “13R” at the end of their serial numbers. Yes, this was Milagro Man Money.

    Announcer: Oh, are you giving it to me? You arent pulling off any tricks, are you, Blocky?

    Blocky: Uh... no?

    Announcer: Okay. Thanks.

    Announcer then takes the Milagro Man Money from Blocky as Blocky walked off, with some evil grin on his face.


    Announcer has $100 worth of Milagro Man and is unaware of the curse.

    Who wins?

    We had to sell it because of budget cuts:

    Evil Money: 7 (Chariot190, ElixirBlue, Iapitus The Impaler, Listentomyrhytm, Ionliosite, Buttersamuri, Jimboydejuan12)


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