• Hi, I have a question to ask and that doesn't really concern D&D or Pathfinder but it's still on the subject of tabletop RPGs.

    I'm talking about the German rival of Dungeons and Dragons,The Dark Eye or Das Schwarze Auge.

    As much as I never experienced that game, I instead played and loved his videogame transpositions like Drakensang, his sequel / prequel The River of the Time and the strategic version, Blackguards

    The question is, why wasn't a page created for that verse? I understand that the information in English is rather scarce, but there is a wiki in German with an enormous amount of information (I think) about this fantastic universe, there should be staff members who have a fairly fluent knowledge of the German language to translate it, no?.

    Would it be possible to create a page for that verse? Although from what I know, The Dark Eye would be mostly Low Fantasy but I think there are noteworthy feats.

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