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    So, now that the 1-A CRT is (hopefully) over, it's time to update some other things in Meng's profile.

    Spirit Realm key:

    First of all, his first key currently is the Spirit Realm one. He spends about half the story at that Realm, and it's divided into Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Spirit Severing and Dao Seeking. His tier varies a lot in those stages, so I think his profile should be divided into two (so the wall of text doesn't get too ridiculous), one for the Spirit Realm, and one for the Immortal Realm and up.

    We've been working on the Spirit Realm one for a while, and it's pretty much done, here. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    If that one goes up, the Spirit Realm key of the current one should probably be removed, with all the powers and abilities being moved to the Immortal Realm key (since he generally doesn't lose powers after a power-up).

    Immortal Realm Key:

    He's currently 2-A, but I'm pretty sure that was based on the infinite universes thing that the threads of the Essence of Space were assumed to be. That isn't quite valid anymore (I think . . .), so we found some feats that he can scale to in Pursuit of Truth (another novel in the Ergenverse). His new AP should be:

    Of course, changing his lifting strength, striking, and dura to match that.

    His speed is currently Immeasurable for being able to walk through time, but that's just with a specific technique, so it's prob better to change it to: "At least FTL, likely far higher. Immeasurable via Stepping Method (Can walk through time)", since the best calced speed feat rn is only FTL, and he's far faster than guy who did it. Although we could prob get something higher from those PoT chapters.

    Most of the Spirit Realm powers and abilities should go to this key as well.

    Ancient Realm:

    He probably shouldn't be 2-A in this key. The threads he controls are not universes in any way, and the arguments for them being spatial dimensions seemed pretty solid. Although I'm not sure what was the consensus regarding this in the other thread, if there isn't one already, people can finish arguing it here, I guess. His new AP should be:

    Using "countless" as "infinite", in this case, since we asked someone who knew Chinese and they said that "infinite" would work better in that context. Ric explains here why we considered them to be spatial dimensions.


    I made a sandbox here with how the profile would look like (to make it easier to apply everything later):

    Changed the statistics, removed the Spirit Realm, moved the powers and abilities to the Immortal Realm, fixed some of the wording, added some explanations to some of the abilities, and a link to the Essence explanation. There were some reduntant powers being added to later keys, when they already had "all the previous abilities, plus" thing, so I removed some as well.

    Also, we thought about changing the current profile's title to: "Meng Hao (Post Immortal Ascension)", so it's easier to differentiate between the two.

    Any input is appreciated.

    Edit: Adding Nepuko's comment to the op just to be sure:

    By the way, because he scales to Celestial Bai Xiaochun, Meng's Dao Seeking Speed key would be : "At least Massively FTL+ (Scales to the equivalent of late/peak Celestials)."

    And his Immortal key should be : "At least Massively FTL+Immeasurable via Stepping Method (Can walk through time)" .

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