• How long can the judas breed go without food? nigh infinite stamina due to lack of sleep sounds iffy. What kind of parasites can it resist? Parasites don't traditionally posses others. Also what is the justification for poison immunity? 

    Further the disease immunity justification at best would grant disease resistance, though it seems far more likly the disease simply can't transfer between the Judas and cockroaches.

    Surviving explosions isn't resistance to explosion manip,

    What is the justification for type one immortallity? It's regen feats?

    It has rage power due to it becoming enraged when exposed to blood... Is there any indication they grow stronger in this state?

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    • The Regen comes from being a Mutant Termite/Cockroach who can molt and regenerate lost limbs, it is also on insect profiles like the Cockroach and arthropods like Arthropleura.

      the Resistance to the explosion was removed, as it kind of did not make sense.

      Rage Power could also be removed, as it just gets angrier when it is exposed to blood.

      It dosent go into the specifics in terms of Parasites and Diseases.

      The Immortality is only for the King Judas, It could possibly be removed but it dosent seem to age.

      The Stamina seems Iffy, High would work.

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    • Has it ever been shown to regrow limbs/molt?

      If it doesn't go into specifics its rediclous to assume immunity, so it shouldn't have immunity to poison, possesion or disease. Parasites don't count as possesion.

      They should at best get a possibly resistant to disease as theirs no garantee the disease could even transfer between them and the roaches.

      What gives them poison resistance?

      How long was it around? How long did it survive?

      This is a giant mutant insect you cant really assume it shares the abilities of common insects...

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    • hmm If the profile is ever added back. the Regen should be removed, with also the Immunities changing to resistances,you are correct, my apologies for the inconvenience by the way.

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    • Its not a problem sorry it got deleted but it needed some work. Aplogies for getting it deleted, and have a lovely day/night

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    • thanks, its fine it needed work anyway.

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