• I’ve been rereading Red Pyramid and there’s a handful of things I’d like to get out while I can before I take off. So I don’t expect this to be concluded anytime soon. Someone who’s read the story can elaborate more than me rn.


    Upper tier gods like the big five, Ra, and Apophis should scale to Nut. Nut is 3-B. She contains galaxies inside herself. I’ll provide the quote when I get the chance.

    Vulture God Percy (when fused with the vulture goddess) should be Low 2-C. He manhandled Setne, who at the moment was superior to Serapis (Riordanverse) due to that being well...his whole plan.

    Greek Gods might also be High 3-A.


    Every god has mind manipulation out the ass. Duat/Mist stuff. Some have it passively. The Set Animal appeared as a rabid moose to normal humans.

    Carter resists invisibility...well he can see invisible things. He saw through Zia’s invisibility charm.

    Reality warping is obvious. Bast snaps things into existence all the time. Food, first class tickets, etc. The basis of Egyptian magic is turning things into reality. Gods can do it without a scroll.

    Carter has BFR. He threw the Set Animal into his infinite locker of doom.

    More when I can remember/finish the books.

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