• it is nice to see you return to us, youre one of the few contributers i am sure will always give me unbiased opinions..

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    • Thank you for holding such a high opinion of me. Yeah, it's good to be back in action on this wiki. What have I missed?

      Well, I did notice a lot of Bleach stat revisions as of late, but that's a given that the manga is at its climax and every chapter brings along new feats.

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    • you've earned my respect, aside from the admins and a few other contributers, there is hardly anyone unbiased... when you weren't here i had to fight a moon level Roshi uprising...hard stuff....

      as for bleach, i did another calc  that no one bothered to check, and the OBD have also made a few new calcs, no admin bothered (except Antvasima who approved it) to check the seireitei calc that i've made, and that is bothersome because i feel it is an important think to look at, and i will also upload a new calc today, you can check them out if youre interested...

      where have you been all this time that you weren't here?

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    • I'm sorry you had to fight Roshi uprising by yourself...debating with DBZ fanboys is truly a nightmare...

      I shall be sure to check out your Bleach calculations. However, I still need time to do so. To be honest, I' to the VS scenario, so I haven't seen or verified a calc yet. In other words, this will be my first time to actually verify a calc instead of a feat and to give you an honest opinion, I need to learn and understand about calculations and scaling myself first.

      As for where I was...hmmm...well, some real life stuff came up that I had to take care of. Additionally, the DBZ wanking here was really getting on my nerves, so I decided to take a break from this wiki. I hope it didn't bother you.

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    • ^ Try to fix that wank anywhere, you won't succeed. I'm tired of discussing anything related to the series atm. Even if you're right, it's impossible to win an argument against a billion fanboys coming at you.

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    • it didn't bother me, i am just glad that your back, and for the clacs, there is no rush, calcing is not that hard once you get used to it...its actually kind of fun, anyway welcome back...

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    • @Minority World: That's exactly how I felt when I took off as well. In face of the gazillion fanboys (DBZ has arguably the largest fanboy base) your extremely rational thoughts won't be listened to, your logical discussions ignored, and fucking Youtube videos posted as "proofs". And if you ask for something better, they'll start convincing how the games and movies should be considered as "canon".

      Eventually, you feel like ripping your hair out and never looking at another DBZ power level discussion again. I must admit, I nearly lost my taste for VS Battles because of the inane DBZ wanking that happened here.

      Nevertheless, I'm back and ready for VS Battles action.

      @Illuminati478: Okay, I'll try to get used to calcing as soon as I can. I sincerely thank you for such a warm welcome back to this wiki, my friend. It is an unexpectedly pleasant surprise for me.

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    • @Lord Kavpeny: you've already shown how hardworking and serious about the wiki you were, i am sure Antvasima will agree with me on this, as for calcing, again there is no rush...

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