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    The conversation on this started here.

    Basically, Pennywise should have Technology Manipulation, since:

    • Far lesser psychics such as Ted Brautigan, Dinky Earnshaw and Randall Flagg are capable of affecting technology with their telepathy, with Brautigan and Earnshaw even managing to affect Old Ones' technology on the first try despite coming from present-day Earth and having never encountered any similar technology prior.
    • Psychics in the DT setting are shown to be capable of many of the same things that lesser psychics can do, such as Flagg being able to manipulate machines, read/control minds, and pretty much do anything else that the likes of Dinky Earnshaw can do. The only exceptions to this rule are very specific powers such as Dinky's precognition, Brautigan's "mind spears" and the "mental lockbox" technique that shows up in Doctor Sleep.

    Also, I checked back through the book, and Pennywise does have something of a precedent here, due to a scene in the novel where it messes with some lights and turns on a television without touching either.

    The bathroom light suddenly went on; she could see it under the door. Then the latch clicked and the door juddered open. She stared at this, eyes widening, arms instinctively crossing over her breasts again. Her heart began to slam against her ribcage and the sour taste of adrenaline flooded her mouth.

    That voice, low and dragging, said: “We all float down here, Audra.” The last word became a long, low, fading scream—Audraaaaa—that ended once again in that sick, clogged, bubbly sound that was so much like laughter.

    “Who’s there?” she cried, backing away. That wasn’t my imagination, no way, you’re not going to tell me that—

    The TV clicked on. She whirled around and saw a clown in a silvery suit with big orange buttons capering around on the screen. There were black sockets where its eyes should have been, and when its made-up lips stretched even wider in a grin, she saw teeth like razors. It held up a dripping, severed head. Its eyes were turned up to the whites and the mouth sagged open, but she could see well enough that it was Freddie Firestone’s head. The clown laughed and danced. It swung the head around and drops of blood splashed against the inside of the TV screen. She could hear them sizzling in there.

    Audra tried to scream and nothing came out but a little whine. She grabbed blindly for the dress lying over the back of the chair, and for her purse. She bolted into the hall and slammed the door behind her, gasping, her face paper-white. She dropped the purse between her feet and slipped the dress over her head.

    “Float,” a low, chuckling voice said from behind her, and she felt a cold finger caress her bare heel.

    ~ IT

    The "clown inside the TV" bit is probably Immersion, or at the very least Pennywise projecting its avatar's image into the screen. But the act of turning on the bathroom lights and television without being in the room would obviously require the ability to manipulate technology to some degree, which falls in line with what I've outlined above.


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