• So if you could update me on the lore for our Player specifically, that would be appreciated. I'm more so focusing on gameplay right now and on screen fighting feats rather than statements or what not (Planning that for my second run of the game)

    Also, I'm pretty sure there are statements of villains being powerful enough to destroy the world, and in lore scrolls there seem to be even more planetry statements. On top of this, are you aware of any speed feats? There are some light manipulation abilities iirc that we could argue to SoL. 

    There's also AO, who is the creator of the cosmos whom we can make a profile on. If you know anythig else about him, do tell.

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    • Well I can check on some of the thing. I am needing to go though some of the mods for into. like underdark, and Tyranny of Dragons.

      As for speed feat the highest one I can think of is the speed we have there now. since it comes from dodging  cloud to ground from a cloud this is 37.109 feet in the air. which would get a Mach 207.41. Though the SoL stuff is worth looking into.

      As for AO sadly I do not know a lot about him outside of the basics, and they have not really done anything with him outside of Minor roles, like doing the 4e to 5e edition shift.

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