• Location- Frost Country

    Chakra = Reiatsu

    100 meter distance

    All manga feats allowed no game feats

    Random Encounter

    No Knowledge

    R1- EOS Merged Hollow Ichigo VS Teen SPSM Naruto

    R2- EOS Merged Hollow Ichigo and Muken Aizen VS Teen SPSM Naruto and Rinnegan Sasuke

    R3- EOS Merged Hollow Ichigo, Muken Aizen, and Juha Ywach (No Almighty) VS Teen SPSM Naruto, Rinnegan Sasuke, and 10 Tails 1/2 Rinnegan Madara (Post Tree)

    Who wins ?

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    • That matchup is banned

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    • Ichigo has an edge in AP, while Naruto has an edge in speed.

      That being said, this is banned.

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    • Lol at the edge in AP

      Both are 5-B

      Naruto real version is 5-B

      His clones would at least be 5-C

      In 4th War Naruto in KCM created clones actually above Kage Level. Seeing as he took down 3rd Raikage, Muu another kage, and one shot multiple Zetsu all across the countries. Madara even called a clone of Naruto impressive.

      So now you have Planet Level Naruto and his army of moon level clones against planet level Ichigo who barely has long range attacks ? It’s a stomp in Naruto favor. Plus he has better techniques and can always amp himself to SO6P Levels with 3 Headed Kurama like he did against Sasuke in VOTE.

      Ichigo has far less impressive feats I. His new form against Ywach and really the form only lasted like 1 or 2 chapters lol. Naruto stamina in SPSM is amazing as he fought 10 tails Madara for a while, then had to fight Kaguya, and he fought these two back to back without reverting back to his base form. So the SPSM stamina is quite large for Naruto. He then used the form again against Sasuke despite being incredibly tired from Kaguya battle. And Ichigo who did nothing big in EOS is gonna beat Naruto ?

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    • His clones are 5B

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    • I mean, they were claiming Ichigo to be on the yottaton range or something. Frankly, I think it's completely bullshit, but wasn't it a general consensus?

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    • Apparently, this matchup is not banned

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    • It is. No one has closed it that’s all

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    • It is

      At some point someone should really edit the rule to avoid that misconception.

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    • Elizhaa saided that it wasn't, guess that it is outdated

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    • I dunno. Soldier only brought it up but it wasn't actually agreed upon, I do agree on banning them though. Was it discussed anywhere else? Because that is the only thread I aware of since then til now on the subject.

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    • A FANDOM user
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