• Probably this have been for long ago (about 3 years i think), but i need to inform you this, specifically from him

    Remember there's a guy that back then tried to "revive" the Mondaiji verse, but due to his inappropriate behavior he got banned from this wiki? Well, he wants to say that he have changed his mind and wants to sorry because of his rudeness back then, possibly he might help the MDJ verse again since of all people i knows only he have knowledge about that verse most, hence he told me this. Moreover he said that at that time he havent finished "fixing" the feats yet and still quite immature, but now it have done correctly, i can guarantee that.

    If it is possible, can you give him another chance? He promised that he will follow the rules and will make everything as civil as possible, no more flame war or something like that. I'm his friend so while i might not sure about his decision but if that's what he wants then i will follow. Thanks man.

    Here's him:

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    • Well, since he has been banned for 3 years, that seems like punishment enough, given that he wishes to improve. I will have to ask the rest of the staff about it first though.

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    • I think 3 years is a long enough punishment and definitely a long enough time to change. Being completely honest, looking back through his posts I don't even really think he should've been banned to begin with. But either way yeah I agree with him being given another chance.

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    • Okay. We were stricter early on due to inexperience combined with not having enough staff to deal with everything.

      I am personally fine with if we unban him.

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    • I unblocked him.

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    • Thank you very much. I've informed from him that he will try to help the verse from scratch in this wiki, probably will write explaination blog based on his complete thread.

      If it's possible, can i add him and me as supporters for MDJ-verse?

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    • @Ryukama



      That should probably be fine, yes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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