• Abilities

    Arjuna Alter

    Weather Manipulation and Fragrance Manipulation - Created massive shift of weather in a single day, robbing water from the ground to turn it into a desert and changed even the smell of the environment.

    Aura - His mere presence caused Jinako and Rama to feel uneasiness.

    Regeneration (Mid-High) - It is stated that Ashwattahama can regenerate even after turned into fine dust due to having his divine power of Shiva and Yama.

    Disease Manipulation and Pain Manipulation - Gave Ashwattahama a curse that gives him "painful diseases and suffering" for eternity. Rama felt extreme pain just after he got the curse.

    Possible Biological Manipulation - Ganesha stated that Shiva was able to replace his head with an elephant's after he cut it off with him saying "sorry can you forgive with this after I cut off your head?"

    Avatar Creation - Scaling from Gods such as Shiva and Shita who can create avatars for themselves.

    Statistics Amplification - Gave his servants parts of his divine authorities which they can use to greatly enhance their power.

    Necromancy - With Yama's Authority, he can raise the dead.

    Healing - One of his authorities was used to heal divine enemies and increase their strength like dopamine.

    Resistance to Void Manipulation - Was completely fine within nonexistence before the world existed.

    Super Karna

    Before moving to Super form, this should be included to his normal key.

    Absorption: Absorbed Ashwattahama's spiritual core to himself.

    He should get all of Ashwattahama's abilities due to absorbing him. He should get Vishnu and Shiva's abilities as well, as he got it after his reappearance. This includes the likes of:

    Conceptual Erasure: Due to Shiva erasing Kama on a conceptual level with his fire.

    Death Manipulation: Should be able to utilize Pashupata, a weapon that delivers Moksha and instantly kills targets that fail one of two checks.

    Space-Time Manipulation: Even with inferior power of Ashwattahama can interfere with time itself. Has power of Vishnu who has control over space-time.

    Creation: Scaling from Vishnu who can create other Gods.

    Avatar Creation: Same reason as Arjuna.

    BFR and Possible Time Travel: Ashwattahama used Shiva's power to send his allies to the past and possibly able to do it to himself as well.

    Curse Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, Statistics Reduction and Disease Manipulation: Due to having Vishnu's power, which should include the power to curse.

    Regeneration (Mid-High) - Scaling from Ashwattahama who can regenerate after being turned into fine dust.

    Possible Biological Manipulation - Same reason as Arjuna.

    Resistance to Void Manipulation - For the same reason as Arjuna.

    2-C AP problem

    Arjuna is currently 2-C because of him recreating the universe many times in a row. But there's a problem. He doesn't do that at the same time. He does that one at the time with Mahapralaya.

    This is like saying character A who only ever destroyed universe one at the time can destroy multiple of them because they destroyed two or three over time. It's obviously flawed.

    So I propose his downgrade to just similar to other God tiers.

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