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    Violator is the oldest and most powerful of five hell-born demons known as the Phlebiac Brothers, and his main purpose is to guide Hellpsawns towards fulfilling Satan's desire: to cultivate evil souls on Earth for Hell's army. He has been Hell's guide for multiple Hellspawn, his latest charge being the current Spawn, Al Simmons. However, Violator views humanity as weak and so asserts that demons should lead the armies of Hell, not Spawn. Accordingly, much of his terrestrial activities, sanctioned by Hell or not, are aimed at proving his superiority to his master. The Violator's current disguise is that of '''Clown''', a 5'6"overweight, balding man with menacing face-paint. The Violator is not a demon to be taken lightly: he has shown many times that he is more than a match for a young Hellspawn. His hands are tied by his role, though, as he cannot kill a Spawn without an order from his superiors. His role is not to kill the Hellspawn, but to weaken them and cause them to waste their powers in wreaking havoc. His chief purpose is to groom and prepare the young Hellspawn for their service in Satan's army. He has been killed multiple times, each time to be returned to Hell and reanimated by his master.He also helped create the HellSpawns henece why he always keeps an eye on them.
    ==Powers and Stats==
    '''[[Tiering System|Tier]]:4-A'''
    '''Origin:''' [[Image Comics]]
    '''Age: Unknown'''
    '''Classification: Demon'''
    '''Powers and Abilities:'''  [ Superhuman Physical Characteristics], [ Flight], [ Regeneration] , Life-Force [ Absorption], [ Intangibility]/Phasing, [ Fire Manipulation] (can manipulate conjure and even set souls on fire), [ Light Manipulation], [ Animal Manipulation], [ Power Nullification] (can depower and repower demons), [ Soul Manipulation], [ Shapeshifting], [ Size Alteration], [ Time Manipulation], Hallucinations, [ Technopathy], [ Telepathy], [ Telekinesis], [ Psychometry], Materialization, [ Life] and [ Death Manipulation], [ Transmutation], [ Precognition], [ Clairvoyance], [ BFR], [ Teleportation], Evil Manipulation , [ Summoning], [ Reality Warping], [ Energy Manipulation], [ Spatial Manipulation], [ Mind Manipulation], [ Magic], [ Immortality], and others.
    '''[[Attack Potency]]:HIgh'''
    '''[[Speed]]:''' HIgh
    '''[[Lifting Strength]]: Maximum'''
    '''[[Striking Strength]]:Maximum'''
    '''[[Standard Equipment]]:none'''
    '''[[Intelligence]]:''' High
    '''Weaknesses:''' Weapons forged in Heaven
    '''Notable Attacks/Techniques:'''
    '''Notable Victories:'''
    '''Notable Losses:'''
    '''Inconclusive Matches:'''
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    [[Category:Tier 4]]
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