• We are having some problems with a novel, I Shall Seal The Heavens, and wished to ask if you could tell us the meaning of the following word: 无数

    The context: 孟浩看到了无数的空间,那些空间有大有小,有的模糊,有的清晰,化作一条条丝线,这些丝线孟浩熟悉,他每次施展第八禁时,这些丝线就会从虚无里出现,缠绕在被施法人的身上,封印对方修为与元神。

    I believe it would be "countless" as a translation, but is it meant to say "an infinite amount" or "a large amount"?

    Sorry for bothering you.

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    • Sorry to reply you too late. I recently have little time to look at VS Battles Wiki.

      "Countless" or "an infinite amount" is more suitable, and "countless" is more neat. "a large amount" is still not enough to explain Meng's power described above.

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    • Thank you for your reply, Mario!

      Sorry for the bother, have a nice day :)

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