• Hey bro!

    I noticed your contributions there, and I want to say : would it be possible to invite you to Discord? (Zara is there btw). If so I  would like to have your Discord ID if it's possible :)

    Mine is :  Senior Nepuko#9946

    Have a nice day :) (and thanks for your help in the issth thread.)

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    • I dont have discord on this pc (I am at my aunts right now). I can join tomorrow though

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    • Ok, thanks :)

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    • I truely think that by now Matt just wants to downgrade to not loose face though. Its hard to describe the quotes in an even more obvious way tbh. The MC could litterally wear a T-Shirt that says: "I am 1-A, treat me as such" and he would deny it, saying:

      "I dont see why you think thats 1-A"

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    • While I don't like to assume people's intentions, I'm beginning to think that as well. I showed that :

      -the Dao in ISSTH is the same as the one irl (and every random Xianxia reader would tell you that Dao is the ultimate concept if you asked)

      -Essence created and contains everything, so even if someone is....stubborn enough to not see that by not being bound by the concept of dimensions and not being able to be scaled by any conventional way (one of the requirements for 1-A btw), that Essence is 1-A, pretty sure I showed that Essence contain all space and time, and by being supposedly above it one is above the concept of dimensions and time as well, and is hence 1-A.

      And then you have the other stuff, and also them not using and ignoring the fitting cosmology for the verse. They also say they're downgrading cuz this is Wank, or a personal opinion or whatever, but they're also downgrading because of extreme low-balling, that low-ball being so low-ball it inversly transcended the concept of low-balling. Is it because this is not a popular verse, is it because they refuse to use the corresponding cosmology for the verse, or is because we're (somehow) wrong? I don't know. All what I know is that I see obvious stuff that they're ignoring, and that instead of deducing they want every single thing quoted. And now it's possible that ISSTH could be High 2-A.

      Sigh. Also no need to repeat all this, since it was said many times.

      But yea, I'm about to give up right now, maybe wait until a Xianxia mod pop up. Because (like-minded) mods there only seem to pay attention to other (like-minded) mods. Sigh.

      Sorry needed to get that off a bit.

      Have a nice day :)

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    • I wonder who that chinese/japanese user is, that talked to Ant. He might be helpfull, since he is very certain, that pretty much all xianxia are 1-A in nature lol.

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    • Hm. Mayb you could catch him in Ant's Message Wall.

      And btw I'm waiting for you to send a friend request in Discord :)

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    • still at my aunts

      In two to three hours

      U also might want to check what someone is saying in the thread right now.

      Its hilarious af.

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    • Yea I know, just posted a message there XD

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    • send the request

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    • it's done :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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