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    Like most connoisseurs of Invincible here on the site I also believe it to be Planet level. But reading other comics from Image comis made me want other opinions to possibly upgrade it and Omniman to 4 - B tier.

    The first feat has already been denied on this site, as an outlier, but along with the others I will show we may change our mind, Omniman vs. Supreme, a known 4-B level.

    Although it was a balanced fight and supervised by Onmiman's servant (all persuade that appears in other comics in the Image is overseen by the creator), only this fight would be outlier, I agree. But let's see more.

    Capable of surviving a fight against Dominex, a being so powerful that he can hurt Supreme with a simple slap:



    Okay, we also see Savage Dragon in this fight and he's not close to 4-B, but for him he's an outlier since it's his only feat on that scale, so Omniman has so far 2 feats on that scale.

    Invincible manages to fight alone and help Dinossaurus kill Omnipotus. A being that can absorb the energy of an entire Solar System. When Invincible and Dinossaurus killed Omnipotus, he was full charged with energy.






    Able to break the tentacles of Dr Octopus, which are made of a weaker league of adamantium (story written by Kirkman and canonical in the invincible universe). Worked on several Marvel projects, such as Captain America, Ultimates, X-Men, Marvel Knights and Avengers, Kirkman knows what Adamantium is and the power needed to break it




    Well, that's it, I would like some opinions, because I also do not know very well what to think about these feats.

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    • The different Image titles (such as the Invincible, Savage Dragon, Spawn, etcetera sections of Image) are considered as separate universes that sometimes have Crossovers with each other. As such, they do not have consistent power levels with each other, and cannot scale.

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    • Hello i want to said this.

      The crossovers in image are canon, both among their characters and their crossover with Marvel and Dc, this is because in Image the author's rights belong to them and their authors review everything in detail and nothing is done without previously passing through the editor's ok Example the Supreme vs Gladiator would be a canon comic for the history of Supreme, but it is not canon for Marvel.

      Confirmed in the official FAQ of the image page.
      What does "creator-owned" mean?

      "Creator-owned" means exactly that-the trademark and copyright of the work in question is wholly owned by its original creator. The majority of the comics and graphic novels published by Image are creator-owned. While Image as a company spearheads the promotion and distribution of the titles it publishes, it does so with non-creative interference to protect the company and maintain responsibility for our public image.

      Confirmed by Kirkman himself in these 2 interviews.

      In addition it is not that the Supreme vs Omni Man, is something that is not canon, are two archetypal characters of Superman, planet level and FTL, who were previously known to have fought as a team against Dominex along with other heroes. In the same comic that images Khromium son of Khrome have placed, an old enemy of the Supreme of Liedfeld, who has been studying Supreme for years confirms that Omni Man is at his level.

      `` This Omni Man creature is very close to a match for the ivory icon

      In addition the Supreme of Liedfeld was confirmed by the rest of Supreme as the strongest Supreme of all the multiverse.

      Then I also wanted to say that Suprema which has feats that are considered 4 B, is inferior to Supreme.

      First when she was beaten by Shadow Supreme a copy of Moore's Supreme.

      And then for the Supreme of Liedfeld.

      To finish mentioning that Solar Man who killed a world devourer as a universe that ate planets and crossed black holes, is at the level of a normal Supreme by the same author.

      `` Over in the pages of your other ongoing series, Savage Dragon, you used a Superman homage called Solar Man who shared some of Mean Supreme's characteristics.

      Are you seeing Supreme as a chance to tell other stories that did not remove fit for Dragon? Are those two characters similar in power levels?

      They're similar in power levels but not - the Supreme stories are Supreme stories and they're not ones I could tell with other characters.

      In summary, the level is like this

      Omni Man = Supreme Liedfeld> Solar Man = Supreme Moore> Supreme

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    • Again, regardless whether or not the crossovers are considered as canon, there are too many contradictions between, for example, the Savage Dragon, Spawn, and Invincible worlds, for them to be compatible with each other and be considered as part of the same continuities. As such, the characters are rescaled to fit with the power levels of similar characters in each other's settings, in order for the stories to work, and we cannot scale from them. My apologies, but this is our standard praxis.

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    • The policy of Image of crossover between its comics or with other companies, is perfectly valid since as I have proved the authors are those that have the rights and those that supervise everything, being coherent in the levels of powers between characters, since They supervise them by having the copyright and are a continuity given that they are within the same universe. Which I have shown with official sources such as the Image FAQ or the interview with Kirkman

      And this guy is right, Omni Man deserves the power up whether you like it or not, the crossover is a canon for both characters and justifies that both are at the same power level, they already knew each other before forming a team with other heroes against Dominex, both they are archetypes of Superman, planet level and FTL. You still do not see, that a character that has not destroyed a solar system, does not mean that it is not that level for fighting against that character, such as Shazam or Black adam post crisis that have not destroyed a solar system and they are considered of that level because they have fought and are considered superman level despite not having that concrete feat, destroying a solar system.

      Whether you like it or not, it is the official image policy with its characters, totally coherent that should be accepted in this forum as in others, it is the official way of them in their power levels for their characters as well as other series or editorials

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    • Again, the Image comicbooks recurrently have world-impacting events that do not affect the other properties. As such they are not part of the same continuities and will not scale to each other, period. It does not matter if the property owners have allowed the crossovers or not.

      For that matter, Erik Larsen is on record as stating that the Image books are separate continuities. They simply sometimes have crossover events that are reflected in more than one of them.

      Given all of the above, our regular rules apply, and each continuity must be scaled from its own feats.

      Also, since I suspect that this thread will go around in circles otherwise, and waste a lot of time that I do not remotely have available, I will close it now. I would appreciate if you do not bring up this topic again. Thank you.

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