• I always look this guy up by accident when in a hurry and looking for Ace Attorney. Turns out a fight between the Attorney and him seems doable. So here's a scenario. Phoenix is convinced that Ace is keeping Maya hostage so he goes after to demands her location. And then a fight breaks out

    Win by Death, KO, or Incapacitated

    Speed is equal

    Takes place in Arlen, Texas (Cause why not a little unpredictability)

    Both are willing to kill

    Who's wins and why?

    Ace Attorney:

    Ace Not Attorney:


    Pearl Yeets them both

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    • Same as his sponge bob fight honestly. Phoenix can’t get past that regen before he does the soul thing and even then resurrection may say no u. Can’t se Phoenix winning this. 

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    • Can he revive himself? The justification makes it sound like it's he can revive people. Not revive himseld

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    • He has immortality type 4, so yes he ressurects. 

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    • Then that needs to be more specific. It only says he can resurrect people. Not that he revives himself.

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    • First of all that’s what immortality type 4 is. 


      The Miracle Cure, which he should've been exposed to, granting him its effects, can bring back people who've been torn to shreds by industrial fans

      This essentially just says being exposed to the miracle cure allows people to come back from the dead. Doesn’t say anything about reviving people. 

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    • The way that's worded kinda makes it sound like he dies the reviving. But I see what it says.

      Granted. I am going to look into that thing since it says he "should have been exposed". Gonna see if that's legit.

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