• First we know that Great spirit are concepts

    “In nothingness power finds its fill. That is a holy spirit. The great holy spirit is the source of power. Among these, light and darkness, the two great spirits. Who came to exist at the same moment as the world. But, the world was without form, a ephemeral existence. Light and shadow, darkness and the light. Two existences that shall never interweave. One day, the great spirit time was born. The child of light and darkness. And thus the world began to move. The moving world spun, without purpose, around itself. Inside the flowing currents of life and death, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky–these five great spirits were born. And since then, these were the great eight spirits. Until the light consumes the world, erasing darkness. Until a new spirit is born, erasing all. Life and death, heralding the coming end of the world."

    and then Angel , Demon , and Spirits are fragment of Great spirits

    " Demons are an existence like spirits or angels. It seemed to be an existence that received power receives from the spirit of Darkness, and specialized in the demonic attribute.

    Similarly, the Angel specialized in the holy attribute of the spirit of Light, the exception to this seemed to be called a Spirit."

    "By the way, great spirits did not have ego–they were masses of energy. The Fire Spirit was just an excess fragment of the entire mass. Like a monster, this fragment gained self awareness. And this self-aware fragment of pure energy thus became a monster. in a few words-paranormal phenomena is what it is, not that i understand or i want understand, but i do get what she want us to do, the point is " Create Another Fragment is that it?"

    Great Spirits are concepts, the sentient spirits are fragments of concepts, does that mean Spirits are also conceptual?

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