• This is a continuation, or rather, a 2.0 of this last thread:

    The last thread got too out of hand, and I am presenting new translations from the new volumes. So might as well start from scratch. 

    1. Black Lady physically flies to the edge of Spacetime and brings Prince Demande and Blue Saphir with her.

    IMG 3533
    They start inside the underground dungeon of Planet Nemesis and end up at the edge of spacetime. No teleportation. No portals. Just by straight flight.

    In the last translation, It made it seem as though Black lady was reaching the edge of spacetime by going through a portal inside Nemesis. In this new translation. Black Lady laughs at the very notion of them going through Nemesis. 

    2. Black Lady's attack created shockwaves that travelled through space and time.

    IMG 3534

    Black Lady launched a chunk of the Beguiling Black Crystal onto the planet Earth. Her doing so created shockwaves that traveled through time. 

    It should be noted that when Prince Demande did the same attack, shockwaves did not travel through time. This was only the case when Black Lady doing it. 

    3. Death Phantom brings Sailor Moon and the others to the edge of spacetime in similar fashion just as Black Lady brought Prince Demande and Blue Saphir

    IMG 3540
    IMG 3541
    IMG 3542
    Note that both Demande and Sailor Moon both describe act of Black Lady and Death Phantom physically moving them to the edge of spacetime as them falling through darkness.

    4. The power of the Silver Crystal travels across time and space. 

    IMG 3530
    IMG 3538
    When the silver crystal of the present is in the future, it cannot work in the future because it is interfered by the silver crystal of the future.

    To get around this, the silver crystal of the present sends power to itself by sending that power through time and space.

    Proposed Changes:

    A. Black Lady and Death Phantom:

    They both get Immeasurable speed.

    B. Sailor Moon

    She gets MFTL+ with Immeasurable attack speed and reactions

    C. Every other character

    They get MFTL+ and Immeasurable reactions

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    • You can ask the staff members listed in the Sailor Moon (Universe) page and the Knowledgeable Members List to comment here if you wish.

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    • I guess it's alright like what Sera and the others said from the last thread. Since immeasurable in real space wouldn't make much sense so it would have to be via an ability and rather than applicable to every instance of bread and butter action that he makes. This is assuming we rate "end of space-time" as immeasurable.

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    • Bumping this back up. 

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    • Antvasima wrote: You can ask the staff members listed in the Sailor Moon (Universe) page and the Knowledgeable Members List to comment here if you wish.


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    • Yes. I've asked them. But there aren't much active anymore I'm afraid. 

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    • Well, you can ask some reliable administrators and discussion moderators as well, if you wish.

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    • I'am inclined to agree with Crzer this time, those feat are indeed something like Immeasurable but the way of those are pretty "common"

      • The fact that Black Lady physically move to the edge/end of space time is immeasurble but it's thanks to the Black Crystal's space Time warping power
      • Same for the attacks, this is just a space time warping on the scale of a timeline

      Death Phantom could be Immeasurable, he can travel to the end of space time like nothing, lived in a warped space time in another dimension and can travel to the space time corridor without key but make him Immeasurable make the whole cast Immeasurable, and i find this pretty weird and incorrect

      • About the Silver Crystal, the original translation said that "the power can go beyond time and space", it's indeed Immeasurable and 4-D for the power of the SC but if he scale to someone, it's should be just Neo-Queen Serenity and people stronger than her, this is the one who powered the present Silver Crystal
      • The fact that they can react and move into the warping created by DP to make them fall into the end of space time is a pretty good feat and could be treated as Infinite or Immeasurable but imo, it's a major outlier for all the characters who scale to this in the second arc of sailor moon

      Basically, i'am against Black Lady Immeasurable, agree that DP is an outlier and same for Moon's immeasurable reaction but i'm agree to treat NQC's "attacks speed" as Immeasurable and 4-D

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    • Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it!

      Now, I can understand your concerns about scalings, but I don’t think it messes up the scaling for the series. Especially with how I suggest we list them.

      I don’t think it’s fair to the series to write off such significant and abundant shows of power and feat as outliers because they appear earlier on in the story.

      It should be noted on their profiles that the characters have come across and dealt with immeasurable speed abilities. Especially Within the context of vs battling. It’s nice that we’re being conservative for the Sailor Moon profiles, but when other series don’t carry that same policy of conservatism, and are very liberal in their scalings, it makes for unfair battles. We have to be accurate and consistent.

      Now if no one gets Immeasurable Speed, I am adamant that Death Phantom gets it. You can argue an outlier for everyone else, but for him, it’s not an outlier because its his only showing, and he did battle with Neo Queen Serenity who is already immeasurable.

      (I should note that in the case for Black Lady, only Black Lady key would have been immeasurable, regular chibi-usa would not be immeasurable as she has no abilities from black lady; also i’ve been thinking of making Black Lady a separate profile but that’s another conversation)

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    • Antvasima wrote: Well, you can ask some reliable administrators and discussion moderators as well, if you wish.

      I still recommend this. I am not so good at evaluating content revision threads. At least not when being distracted by lots of other issues.

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    • I've asked a few, hopefully they will be able to lend their thoughts. 

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    • Okay. Thanks.

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    • Not familiar with the series so I'm neutral. But I do know Immeasurable speeds feats usually require something elaborate. And "Edge of the Space-Time" I recall mentioning that's not normally treated as Immeasurable. If a character is "Unbounded from time" that would be Immeasurable.

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    • In the scan, it states that The silver crystal is unhindered by the layers of time.

      The edge of spacetime is a rift, or void in spacetime

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    • Edge of Space-Time sounds more like Infinite than it does Immeasurable, but neutral on that. The Silver Crystal feat seems legit then.

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    • The immeasurable aspect comes from Death Phantom and Black Lady physically flying to this place whereas other characters have to reach it with time traveling powers.

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    • In that case, the scaling suggested in the OP seems all good. But maybe more input would be appreciated.

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    • Yes. Since this is rather controversial, you should ask some more administrators for input.

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    • was asked to come but this seems like something you actually need to know context for

      's an advantage I don't have

      I'm willing to throw in my two cents if needed but it feels like my words are significantly less valuable than anyone that has actually seen the series

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    • Nevertheless, your two cents will be appreciated. 

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    • Well. According to you, the only reason we don't implement this is that it fucks with scaling, which is no reason to not add something.

      That said, you should get people who actually know the series rather than a bunch of us who don't. I don't even know if what you told me is true without hearing it confirmed. 

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    • You can ask more administrators to comment here if you wish.

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    • Bumping this. I don't think I can get anyone else to comment on here. But thank you to those who responded. 

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    • Here are some of the less frequently asked staff members that you can select from to ask to give input when there are no knowledgeable members available:



      Celestial Pegasus


      Monarch Laciel

      Saikou The Lewd King


      Ultima Reality


      AKM Sama

      Dargoo Faust







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    • A FANDOM user
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