• Since you asked how the linking works, here is a short introduction:

    • You write this
      • The result is this

    Double square brackets are used for internal links that link to a page within the same wiki. (And if the link appears in red, then that means that the page you are linking to doesn't exist at the moment). The part you must type out is everything after "/wiki/" in your browser's address bar. Note that for this specific kind of linking the "_" (low horizontal line) and empty spaces are treated as basically the same and are interchangable.

    If after the linked page you add a "|" (Vertical Line, which I can type via holding Alt Gr + the key next to "left Shift", but might be different on your keyboard), you will create a link that leads to the page specified on the left side, while on the right side you can specify what is being displayed.

    Single square brackets allow for complete hyperlinks, and can be used to link to outside sources or to within this wiki (but for internal links the previously mentioned double bracket linking is prefered and recommended). This method of linking only works if you type/paste the link right next to the opening single square bracket, no spaces or anything else inbetween or else it won't be treated as a proper link. After the hyperlink you need to make a space with the space button and anything after that up until the closed square bracket becomes the displayed text for the link. Note that the "_" are no longer interchangable with spaces in this method.

    I hope this will help you out a bit.

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