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    Longevity: In the Super Mario Galaxy series, Luigi has witnessed two Star Festivals, which take place once every 100 years. Comparable to Peach and Bowser, who would live on for 10,000 more years after Bowser created his own universe

    Soul Manipulation:

    • Has greatly damaged Boos and other ghosts, and has even destroyed Cackletta's Soul
    • Via dancing and the Music Keys (Music exists insideone's soul, which can force them to do things. By coming into contact with the Music Keys, music is implanted into anyone's soul, which could be used against them) 

    Healing: With Mushrooms

    Duplication: With Double Cherry and Pal Pill

    Earth Manipulate: With Rock Mushroom

    Transmutation: With Silver Fire Flower, and With Silver Fire Flower

    Non-Physical Interaction: With the Poltergust 5000

    Reactive Evolution: With the Devolution Gun


    • He can turn into a ghost via Boo Mushroom
    • With Power Flower

    Nigh-Invulnerability: With Silver Fire Flower

    Sound Manipulate: Anyone who had possession of or was in the same vicinity of a Music Key had the power of music transmitted into their souls, and can tap into its power for a variety of abilities as long as they're skilled enough, including all of the following powers after this one.

    Mind ControlWaluigi was going to use it to hypnotize anyone who didn't have the same dancing abilities as him

    Chaos Manipulate: The Music Keys could rain chaos and discorddown, destroying everything and everyone

    Broadway Force: The second Mario started dancing, things like snowmen, fire itself, plates, and flaming wooden logs started dancing with him

    SummoningSummoned a rocket from nowhere to attack Bowser

    Explosion ManipulateCaused Koopas to explode into music notes

    Matter ManipulateChanged the makeup of a hotel from being a normal building to being a corkscrew, then changed it back

    Weather Manipulate: Things like twisters, avalanches, snowstorms and whirlpools were caused by the Keys, as evidenced here

    Empathic ManipulateForced Bowser to feel happiness. Dancing caused Boos to warm up to Mario

    Death Manipulate: Bowser's use of the Keys turned the landscape into this

    Life Manipulate: Before Mario turned it back into this. To put into perspective of how impressive this is, Bowser blocked out the Sun with thick clouds, turned water into lava, killed all plant life, turned hills into volcanoes, etc. Mario changed it all back

    Non-Physical Interaction: With the Poltergust 5000

    Acausality: It protects its user from the destruction The Void causes, which would erase the user's past

    Immortality Type 5: After the destruction of the entire multiverse, including heaven and hell--the afterlives--Luigi would live, which would mean he'd be completely incapable of dying with no hell to contain him. Furthermore, he's unable to be touched by Queen Jaydes, who has power over the concepts of life and death themselves. In the end, Luigi seems entirely deathless

    Black Hole Creation, Meta Space-Time Manipulation, Dark Magic, and Concept Manipulation: With the power of Paint, Red could talk telepathically to Mario and Huey by coloring their thoughts. This would mean that paint not only gives life to beings and such, but it is also what embodies and creates thoughts; concepts are defined as thoughts and ideas, so if Super Dimentio can erase all existence, including all the paint and Paint Stars, then he's erasing all concepts as well. He then also planned on recreating all existence, which means he'd not only erase all concepts, but create them; also altering them to fit under his "perfect world." He can also erase, create and redesign all Universals. Whatever Super Dimentio does should be possible for other Chaos Heart users, albeit to a lesser extent. The Pure Hearts should scale to what the Chaos Heart can do; not only that, but the Pure Hearts actually did undo The Void's destruction at the end of the game, which would include its destruction of concepts.

    Absolute Restoration: With the Pure Hearts

    Resistance to Fate Manipulate: The Light Prognosticus foretold that the four Heroes of Light would gather together and use the Pure Hearts to defeat The Dark One. The Dark Prognosticus foretold that the hero of prophecy and all others would be stopped by the Green One joining The Dark One, cementing the end of all worlds. These imbalances messed with the wheels of destiny. Everything they wrote became truth; it was fate itself bringing about the actions. But at the end, breaking the Light Prognosticus, Luigi joined Dimentio--The Dark One--and began down the path that the Dark Prognosticus created. The Heroes of Light, however, break the Dark Prognosticus and win anyways. Tippi describes this entire phenomena as "fate," rather cementing the fact that the two Prognosticuses played with fate itself. And in the end, the Heroes of Light and The Dark One all broke both Prognosticuses, giving them a resistance to fate hax.

    Resistance to Life, Death, and Concept Manipulation: With the Chaos Heart

    Resistance to Plot ManipulateCan negate the effects of Kersti's Paperize

    Resistance to Radiation Manipulate: Immune to Hawking Radiation

    Resistance to Existence ErasureUnaffected by Bowser's wish on the Dream Stone to make him vanish from existence

    Resistance to Matter Manipulate: (Atomic level): can be stripped down to clumps of pixels and then reform completely unharmed

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    • A big NO to majority to these abilities. 

      Some like Intangibility were either already added or about to be with a recent revision we had such as Earth Manipulation and Resistance to Radiation. Healing, Earth Manipulation, Transmutation, and Duplication will be added soon.

      The rest of these abilities were proposed before and rejected because they are exaggerated, not implied to be, or taking a game mechanic too literally. 

      Due to being a playable character in the story mode of DDR, the abilities associated with the Music Keys can be included in his page but only Mind Control, Empathic Manipulation, and Weather Manipulation (Along with Reality Warping) because the other abilities suggested are down right false with the statements being metaphorical at best.

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    • Try asking other admins for opinions on your thread

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    • @DRB could add those other abilities Reality warping, Pocket reality dimensional travel, creation, and portal creation on marios page it was added for him since he used to pure hearts as well

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    • I don't think the living on for 10,000 years thing should scale to Mario and Luigi like I've seen people insinuate before, but they both have experienced multipke Star Festivals and have the ability to turn themselves into inorganic material and survive in conditions where the chemical reactions that continue our aging process should be halted, so they should have Longevity anyway.

      I think the ability to harm souls and intangible beings is already on their pages, but I suppose if you consider several of their abilities work on Boos and other ghosts and that they can also create them on occasions with certain equipment, then you could say they should have Soul Manipulation, yep.

      Healing, definitely, with more than just Mushrooms, but yeah.

      The Duplication is blatant, too.

      Same for Earth Manipulation. There is also the Bros' ability to become statues and also the tremor abilities they have in RPG games.

      Transmutation is fine, too. They also use it magically in the ending for the Boo place in Mario Party 2 against Bowser and they also can transmute Koopas into music in DDR. They also can transmute enemies into gold with the Golden Flower and are stated in the Super Mario Encyclopaedia to turn enemies to coins with their fireballs. Considering the notion of enemies and things becoming coins exists in other media like the anime, it's consistent.

      Non-Physical Interaction was covered above with Soul Manipulation, but I guess I could bring up more examples, like being able to consistently do the Spin Jump to jump across Thwomps despite them being non-corporeal stone ghosts, and being able to affect other ghosts consistently like Boos and Eeries. I think there are also certain ghosts in Luigi's Mansion that Luigi can just smack to hurt them, like indirectly affecting Atlas by punching the punching bag.

      Reactive Evolution is the ability to reactively evolve in response to the opposition. What the Devo Gun does is devolve beings, which would be Evolution Manipulation, which would probably be just a better version of Age Manipulation. I don't think this place views the live-action movie as being canon to the games, and I don't think we have a profile for live-action Luigi. It could easily be argued that the live-action movie should be canon to the games, however, based on the Mario Mania guidebook viewing the movie as being something the same Mario from Super Mario World does and the movie also being endorsed by Nintendo, and Miyamoto also agreeing that Mario's last name is Mario as support for his view of canonicity about the movie.

      The Intangibility stuff is blatant, too.

      So is the Nigh-invulnerability stuff.

      The Sound Manipulation stuff makes sense to me, too, and music being implemented into the souls also supports the Bros' having Soul Manipulation, too.

      The Mind Control stuff is blatant, too.

      The Chaos Manipulation stuff I agree with, too. Luigi also should definitely have it in his 2-B key, too, whereas he can wield the Chaos Heart.

      The Broadway Force stuff should be valid, too.

      The Bros both have summoning on a ton of occasions. They can use this cell phone in Super Mario Party to summon any of the other characters, Mario can summon most enemies in the game using enemy character cards in Colour Splash.

      The Explosion Manipulation is blatant, too, and so is the Matter Manipulation.

      The Weather Manipulation is blatant, too. Mario also has it with several other items in RPGs, such as the Ice Storm item or the Shooting Star to cause a meteor shower or the Tornado Jump to make tornadoes. Weather changes sometimes based on the actions of characters in the sports games.

      The Empathic Manipulation is fine, too.

      The Life and Death Manipulation makes sense to me, too. I would like to mention that Bowser has consistently done things like this, too, like during the events of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he basically overtook Peach's Castle and passively caused that same landscape change and then there's the whole fiasco with Yoshi's Safari and the Light and Dark Realms where Bowser just separated a realm into two where the Dark Realm was like a dead and negative version of the light realm. It's surely this ability Bowser used by dancing in that scene and the Bros should be able to both do it and revert it by dancing.

      You already mentioned Non-Physical Interaction.

      The Time Paradox Immunity I'm fine with, which I thought the Bros already had.

      I'm not really sure if this would necessarily be Immortality Type 5, if you're referring to in his 2-B key where all worlds and afterlives and basically life and death themselves and we know it should just no longer apply to him, you could surely argue it there. I think since Jaydes said she would tilt the scales in the favour of the Bros, a case could be made for Immortality of a different variation there. The saving and loading functions of the verse should also be canon, but maybe that might be too much right now, maybe I'll make a thread about it another time.

      The Black Hole Creation should be fine with the Chaos Heart, and they should also be able to create black holes with Power Stars, considering their feat in Super Mario Galaxy.

      I agree the Chaos Heart and the Purity Heart should have Space-Time Manipulation, considering one can create a void that sucks up all worlds, all existence, all dimensions. Huey also gave Mario the ability in Colour Splash to "transcend dimensions" when cutting out parts of the page everything resides upon, and Luigi also resists this ability. For that matter, it's stated that Kersti's Paperization also stops time and visibly rips the objects off of the page that everyone resides upon, so Luigi should resist Spatial Manipulation, Time Stop, and arguably Plot Manipulation.

      As for the Conceptual Manipulation stuff, I agree the Paint Stars basically consistently embody the essence of thoughts and colour, so stuff in that game could be used to argue that stuff regarding colour. It reminds me that attacks in that game get rid of the colour of the enemy, which is shown many times throughout the game that one's mind and soul are directly reliant upon colour, and regular attacks in that game get rid of colour, and Mario can also fight when colour is removed from parts of him, so the ability to directly affect the mind and also function properly without the mind and soul can be included there.

      The Purity Heart already gives the users Healing on the profile.

      The Fate Manipulation resistance stuff might not scale to Luigi, since he was written into both Prognosticuses and actually fulfilled both of them, however Mario resisted both of them and was stated to be the Hero of Destiny and so it should surely scale to him.

      Resistances to everything below should be fine, too.

      If anyone has any qualms about my posts, you can quote parts and ask me for evidence and I'll give it if the stuff I'm saying seems questionable. Basically, I agree with most everything here.

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    • Longevity comes from the Grand Star's power that Bowser uses upon himself and Peach, they don't naturally have that nor do any of the characters other than Bowser use any sort of those abilities in character with power stars.

      Soul Manipulation would just be Non-Physical Interaction, and the music stuff sounds like flowery language.

      Healing with Mushrooms is fine. Transmutation in the form of turning enemies into coins sounds good to me for Silver Luigi. Earth manipulation and duplication are fine. As mentioned above, Non-Physical interaction is legit naturally even without Poltergeist.

      Devolution Gun is non-canon, so no.

      Invisibility and Intangibility will be added soon as mentioned above.

      Regarding the sound stuff, only the things Dino Ranger Black accepted seem legit.

      I know Luigi already has Type 1 Acausality, but iffy on anything higher than that. DRB pretty much covered the rest.

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    • A bunch of other random abilities are missing from Mario and Luigi, too, like Power Star abilities since they have them on many occasions throughout entire games (despite not using them in-character, they should still be on the profiles), like Portal Creation, Pocket Reality Creation, Time Travel, Creation in general, Black Hole Creation, and some other abilities.

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    • Except for the above-mentionned/accepted powers, the fate and conceptual stuff seems pretty good (even if the fate thing can also be just plot facilities).

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    • I agree with Dino Ranger Black, TBH.

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    • Yeah Niarobi

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    • I don´t know who I agree with now...

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    • Agree with Dino and Dark.

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    • Anyway, I guess this stuff for Bowser and Peach should also be applied:

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    • Doesnt Light and Dark Prognosticus have some sort of fate manipulation by describing fate of the heroes and villains?

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    • That doesn’t like fate manipulation. That just sounds like some typical “the heroes are destined to beat the villains” stuff that appears in a bunch of fictions.

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    • That would at best be described as Acausality type 2, assuming the precognition of the prophet is legit, but Dark Prognosticus turned out to be wrong. Light Prognosticus was originally meant to give assumed hope, but turned out to be right though. But I'm unsure if the prophets who made those have legit precognition.

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    • I trust Dino Ranger Black's sense of judgement.

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    • I do believe Mario's paint hammer does bring Life such as bringing water, people, elements etc.

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    • @Dino

      Should we close this thread?

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    • He would most likely want this to be closed. So yea.

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    • Okay.

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