• Calebcity (The nameless one) Vs Doraemon

    Both in character

    Both At wall

    Doraemon has all his stuff.

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    • Hm

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      • Nameless One (NO) blitzs
      • Doraemon cannot resist NO's time-stop or hax punches
      • Doraemon's ranged gadgets to either KO or restrain NO get countered hard by the speed gap, timestop, instinctive reaction, and teleportation
      • In close-combat Doraemon gets blitzed and can only push back NO for so long with Denkomaru until the guy stops time, which again Doraemon can't resist. Not to mention ganging up on him with his clones.

      So no, it's not a fair match.

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    • Is it fairer if OP makes it speed equal?

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    • No, because even without the speed gap Doraemon still can't touch the guy with timestop, instinctive reaction, and teleportation. Denkomaru and Reflecting Cape can only work for so long.

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    • I'm too lazy to read through Doraemon's wall of text so barring Caleb starting with those things, does he have any wincons?

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    • As long as N.O still has timestop and does use it for his opening move, Doraemon doesn't stand a chance

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    • IK, I'm saying if he doesn't use it for his opening move what can Doraemon do?

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    • Nothing really that can give him a win:

      • Ranged gadgets to KO or restrain/ incap still get countered by instinctive reaction, teleportation and invisibility
      • BFR with Bashou Fan or Tornado Straw get nope'd by teleportation. More inescapable BFR like temporal BFR or Mirror Dimension are very specific and the requirements get nulled by the 3 things above. Also Time Machine for temporal BFR.
      • In close combat he gets outclassed in skills combined with hax punches, or outnumbered.

      The ONLY way Doraemon can win is if only he is given the knowledge of the guy and allowed some prep time. Then maybe he can stop time before the guy and BFR him into the Mirror Dimension.

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