• Rimuru vs The Creation Trio? Really? xD

    The problem I have with the thread is that 2 v 1 matchups is already pushing standard rules, and somehow 3 v 1 was easily allowed here. The stigma that the Pokemon verse has is too real here. Also, Rimuru's AP calcs is NOT very clear even with the mentioning of "tens of thousands" of worlds "with their own parallel universes". Since it's not clear how many parallel universes each individual world has, and that we're going by "since the power is not full and is incomplete, its strength and range surpasses everyone else's", there's too many issues with this. Also, the "Speed Unequalized" mentioning is too amusing, since the CT are "faster" overall. 

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    • I didn't do it. Not my thread. Just posted in it.

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    • Oh my bad then.

      That thread is just stupid, though, tbh.

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    • Yeah. The people claiming Rimuru stomps act like the CT are just gonna stand there and take it. Meanwhile, it's entirely IC for Gira to open by yeeting him to the Distortion World.

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    • A FANDOM user
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