• The acausality of the characters should be changed from type 5 to type 4. Reasons for them being acausal:

    "Transcendents were outside the framework of fate. They lived for a long time without getting older or sick; it was something like eternal youth. It wasn’t impossible for Theodore’s heart to be stopped, but he didn’t need to worry about it now."

    "He fell on both knees and bowed, then he pleaded, “Please calm this tribulation! I heard it is an inevitable disaster but a superhuman beyond the laws of causality can overcome it! Please show mercy to the people of the center!”

    "Lust exercised absolute power over her bloodline, but she couldn’t interfere with a transcendent who had been removed from the framework of cause and effect."

    Now being removed from cause and effect seems like type 5, but relooking at things it's not, type 5 would mean nothing can effect them, but i distinctly remember Theodore being harmed after becoming a transcendent, thus it seems more likely that they just operate on a different level of causality rather than being beyond all cause and effect.

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