• Made a new file so its time to make a new match


    Both 5-C

    Speed equal

    Fight doesn't start in the Ascendant Realm, but instead in Tizca, like 500m apart.

    Hiraks, the Mindbender:



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    • Alright.

      1. How many minds does Hiraks scale to? Atropus controls planets-worth of Undead. Before you say "yeah but they're mindless", no. 

      2. You know how Atropus' type 8 works, does homeboy have an actual way around that?

      Atropus resists all abilities on his profile to some extent, as has been established for a long time over scattered CRTs. 

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    • But they're mindless

      Normal mindhax i don't really know, I'm not gonna go count every Hive in the Tangled Shore or something. It was once said that Oryx can't even control an Ogre without Taking it, but Hiraks has a bunch under his control🤔🤔🤔🤔

      In all seriousness his normal potency shouldn't match up to multi planetary, but the maddening aspect of Hive derived stuff is still quite important. Dumping people into the Ascendant Plane is 4D.

      He can kill Atro while both are in the ascendant plane, the .etch the truth of "Atro isn't here" via law manip which gets it stuck elsewhere, causing a BFR/Incap. Hiraks can also open a portal to the ascendant realm and hit Atro in there, or possibly shift it out of reality like he did to that astroid.

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    • 1. I meant they have mindhax. They seem to lead with that. Atropus 100% doesn't lead with anything like that and only really controls undead. Like normal undead. Zombies, atropals, wraiths, etc. 

      2. Atropus resists law manipulation and BFR. And dimension shifting. Because D&D. 

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    • AH

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    • A FANDOM user
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