• Leonardo (80's) vs Mister Satan

    Sparing match

    This battle takes place in the arena for the World Martial Arts Tournament, not in use though, more like they're letting Satan use it since he seen as the worlds savor.

    Leonardo is a fan of Satan but will not hold back for respect. Mister Satans just happy to spare with a fan.

    No wepons

    The win condition is to have one of the fighter give up. All other normal condition is out of the picture.

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    • >Leonardo is a fan of Satan

      Well, that's one cartoon character I'm going to be looking at differently from now on.

      OT: I really do think Satan gets mopped here. I understand that he's only a joke within the context of his series and that he actually does have some decent showings, but Leonardo should outclass in terms of skill and has definitely held his own against people far more threatening in his time. 

      And before "no weapons" comes up, Leo doesn't need them. He's gone through far more than weapons training and is fully capable of fighting with his bare hands.

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    • Leonardo FRA

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    • A FANDOM user
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