• Clash! Super Sonic vs Brutus - Full Fight

    Clash! Super Sonic vs Brutus - Full Fight

    Why does Brutus scale to Super Sonic?

    In his AP it's listed that some of his weapons can damage him, but Brutus doesn't land a single hit to Super Sonic in the entire fight except with his doom foam, which is only to slow him down...and he breaks free soon thereafter

    Also, his durability says that Super Sonic was barely able to harm, even though after Super lands the first hit, Brutus becomes scared of him and tries to use Amy as an hostage, that doesn't seem a reaction of someone who easily tanked a hit

    A lot of people managed to survive blows from Super Sonic and get up immediately soon thereafter (who aren't robots), it usually means Super is holding back to making them suffer longer

    I'm ok with the MFTL+ reaction, since he did managed to react to Super

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