• Could I see the Kid Icarus feats you brought up?

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    • Ight, sure, gimme some time to compile 'em.

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    • Attack Potency:

      The Midnight Palm is geared toward defense, with ranged attacks that have a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. It has powerful but slow shots. Its backward-dash charged shot crushes foes with a gigantic moon.

      From that, he should at least be large planetary/large moon. This should scale to the Kid Icarus mid-high tiers, like Phosphora, Dark Pit, Palutena, Chaos King, etc. I don't think this is an outlier as well, since there was also that Kid Icarus Small Planet feat (, however from what I've read, there was mixed opinions, nor was it verified.

      Pit vs The Great Sacred Treasure could also be a pretty useful feat, as Pit fought the base form. I'm not sure how verifiable this is, simply because it might be that GST wasn't at full power, especially since it was shown switching forms against Hades, some that were more powerful than the ones he had seen. Also, it'd make the Three Sacred Treasures an outlier (I think), so for now, let's just deem that non-usable.

      This comes from the power Meteor Shower, which has the simple description of:

      Release a deluge of shooting stars.

      Considering it says stars, instead of just one singular star, could this be chalked up to large star level? 


      Possible durabilty negation/health manipulation

      (Great Reaper Palm) ​​​​​

      The Great Reaper Palm uses the power of the Great Reaper to summon Reapettes that hound targets. It takes a while to charge, but unique among weapons, its attacks have the power to halve the foe's maximum health.

      There's also an attack called Weaken Attack, which automatically halves health.

      Gravity Manipulation

      (Black Hole)

      Create a black hole that pulls enemies toward it.

      I get it, it says black hole, but... it doesn't really do any damage in any of the games it's in (Kid Icarus, Sm4sh, Smash Ultimate). Especially since Palutena follows it up with Mega Laser, which actually does damage.

      Darkness Manipulation (Darkness)

      Turns foes blind.

      In game, this is just a huge black mass of darkness that invelops the screen. 

      Possible acasuality?

      The Chaos Vortex is the home of the vicious Chaos Kin. A bizarre dimension not governed by the physical laws of our world, one inch here is somehow a mile there. This mysterious tear in space is truly a glimpse into another world.

      Plant Manipulation

      (Demon Vine)

      This species of vine grows instantly, blocking creatures and attacks with its tangled tendrils. This makes Demon Vines perfect for erecting barriers to block foes and seal enemies off in corners.

      Possible Absorption

      Now, this stems from the fact that Dark Pit absorbed Pandora. However, in Smash, both Palutena and Viridi agree that their abilities are equally matched, and it came down to skill. So possible??

      Not to mention, Dark Pit's flying Idol Description.

      Being Pit's copy, Dark Pit was originally incapable of flight. However, he gains the ability when he absorbs Pandora's remaining power into his wings. And while he may not need help flying, he still shares a bond with his counterpart.

      Electricity Manipulation

      There's a lot of feats for this, but I'll just choose Lightning of Judgement. It reads:

      It's said the lighting gods created the Lightning of Judgment as a way of blowing off a little steam. The item shoots spears of electricity, dealing damage to all enemies within its storm. Super effective in Solo and Together mode.

      Space-Time Manipulation

      (Chomp Trap)

      A mysterious pit trap that bends both time and space. Those who step on it find themselves in a dimension of pain, continuously taking damage. Chomp Traps are quite devious, which makes them very dangerous.

      Effect Dispel? (Not sure what term there is for this)
      (Effect Recovery)

      Dispel effects like poison or paralysis.

      Possible Casuality Manipulation?
      (Pisces Heal)
      Heal by taking attacks that would normally finish you.

      This seems pretty weird, but I think this example works as justification. The Demon King (NNT) is able to heal from attacks that SHOULD hurt. Is this a fair explaination? 

      Possible Body Control?
      (Playing Dead)

      Fool enemies into thinking you're finished, then turn invisible, making attacks pass through you.

      Now, this might seem a little vague for body control, but the description I found on VsBattles for this power said:

      Pit temporarily stops his vital signs and masks his presence, feigning death in the process. He is then able to get up and become completely invisible and intangible to sneak up on targets.

      Explosion Manipulation

      Pit has multiple items like this (Grenades, Bouncy Bomb, etc)

      Wind/Limited Weather Manipulation?

      The strong winds created by this item pull enemies toward its center. Any enemies that reach the Cyclone are damaged and then thrown into the air. As an added bonus, they're also spun around, making it hard for them to aim.

      I distinctly remember it being a funnel in game, but my memory is hazy.

      Reactive Movement
      (Dodge Token)

      Who has time to think about dodging in the heat of battle? Not you, that's who! Equip the Dodge Token to automatically dodge some attacks, provided you're not in the middle of your own attack.

      Size Manipulation
      (Shrinky Bean/Giant Maker)

      Users who eat these beans are shrunk down to a smaller, harder-to-hit size. Shrinky Beans don't affect attack power, making them doubly effective. However, being small won't protect you from wide-ranging attacks, so watch out!

      Once placed on the ground, players who walk over this item will be turned into giants. While this effect add strength, it also makes the user a much bigger target. Take extra care when facing opponents using staffs.

      (Atlas Foot)

      ​​​​​Just as the Atlas Club was created to look like a giant's arm, the Atlas Foot item calls forth a gigantic foot that stomps the earth in front of its user, crushing enemies. Sadly, this isn't the actual foot of the famous Atlas.

      ​​​​​Weight Manipulation

      Increases movement speed and prevents tiring out in exchange for taking more damage when hit.

      Stamina Manipulation

      Run contunuously without tiring. 

      Item Manipulation??
      (Item Vaccum/Double Item)

      Draws items towards you

      Double the effects of items aquired.

      Pit: "There's no incentive for them to toughen up--they get revived when they die."

      Magnus: "What are you talking about? So do you!"

      Coupled with the fact that Pit mentions he HAS died before, it think it's legit.

      Regeneration Nullification

      (Raptor Claws) Claws that let wielders go all 65 million BC on enemies. They feature strong melee and ranged attacks, although they have a slow charge time. Wounds received from these claws are so brutal, they often refuse to heal.

      Soul Manipulation (

      Palutena states that there's something wrong with the souls of the underworld. It's later stated that the souls of the casualities in war become the monsters in the game. Since Pit reguarly destroys these monsters, couldn't that mean he can attack the phyiscal body, and soul too? Ice Manipulation (Aquarius Blade) The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Aquarius. It uses extreme pressure to change water into an impossibly sharp edge. Its charged shot pushes enemies back as it damages them, and its melee attack can freeze foes. Water Manipulation (Poseidon Cannon) Imbued with just a fraction of the sea god's strength, the Poseidon Cannon fires rippling, water-like shots that entangle enemies and smash them with the force of a flood. Its rapid fire blasts enemies with a veritable divine water cannon.

      Needle Manipulation (Needle Palm) This palm fires needles that burrow into targets. They travel fast but have little homing ability. There isn't much difference in range between charged shots and continuous fire, so no need to think too hard about gauging your distance.


      ​​​​​​Reistance to cold/ice manipulation

      We've seen this throughout the entire game, as he constantly flies through space, and never once talks about how cold it is. Coupled with the fact that he regularly deals with freezing enemies, I think this stands.

      Resistance to heat/fire manipulation

      This mountain in the volcanic region is home to the legendary PhoenixHuman life can't survive in this area's blistering heat. In fact, only thanks to Palutena's power of cooling can Pit survive the harsh climate here. ​​​​ And again, Pit reguarly fights flame based enemies.

      Resistance to poison

      Same as above, reguarly fights poison based enemies.

      Resistance to paralysis

      Same as above, reguarly fights paralysis inducing enemies.

      Resistance to petrification

      A fearsome, rotating cannon that fires off petrifying beams of light. Its dangling eyeball keeps a constant vigil, mercilessly blasting any opposing forces that cross its path. Luckily, Palutena's protection ensures Pit is only briefly turned to stone.

      And again, he reguarly fights these things.

      Resistance to weakness, shaking, confusion, shrink, spin

      FRA, regulary fights enemies that cause this.

      Resistance to transmutation

      Palutena's powers passively resort him back to normal.

      ​​Resistance to soul manipulatiom, possibly. Also, stamina feat
      ​​​​​(Pit's Body)
      The Chaos Kin takes advantage of Pit's weakened state after his battle with the Aurum to seal his soul in a ring. Without a spirit to guide it, Pit's body is at the whim of the Chaos Kin, mindlessly rampaging for three years.

      ​​​​The Chaos Kin takes Pit's soul, probably implying that he couldn't do it while he was at 100%. Also, Pit fights mindlessly for 3 years.

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    • Also, immunity to life force manipulation.

      A Monoeye is a surveillance drone in the Underworld Army. Though it is capable of draining life from its target with its tentacles, a lowly Monoeye will never do so on prey like Pit. He's just too divine to touch!

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    • Hmmm, I see. Yeah,  there are somethings I am iffy on, but most of this looks okay. You can create a CRT with all this.

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    • There are? Could you elaborate? Not that I'm trying to bug you, just that I'd like to be as accurate as possible.

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