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    21:02, January 6, 2020
    Agent 47-1-
    Marcus Holloway
    Blume has hired 47 to deal with two hackers.

    Agent 47


    Aiden Pearce and Marcus Holloway

    47 has 10 minutes prep

    Speed is Equalized

    Location: Alcatraz

    Battle Theme

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    • Aiden enters Focus mode and blasts 47 to bits. Or, Marcus with the Shuffler Outfit crushes 47 to a bloody pulp.

      EDIT: Oh, speed is equalized. In that case, it all comes down to who can hack first. Both of them can pinpoint 47 with their phone if they can't get a proper read on the identity and realize that shit's gonna go down.

      And apparently, both Aiden and Marcus seem to be the superior hackers given how their range extends across planets as of WD2. Not to mention how more rapidly they can hold entire city grids at their mercy at the push of a button.

      I'll wait for more input tho.

      EDIT: I vote both Aiden and Marcus for superior hacking skills, better range, versatility and Marcus via telekinesis. 47 might be good, but he's literally got no answer for getting crushed by magic or by getting rammed hard by swathes of trucks and vehicles coming at him at top speed and then exploding. Giving 47 10 minutes of prep still isn't gonna make up for that crazy range Marcus has.

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    • I'm gonna have to agree with you there, I am sure that Agent 47 has no resistance to telekinesis related abilities whatsoever. Once he's grabbed, it's all over as with a normal human body he can be crushed with ease via telekinesis.

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    • bruh this is a necro now plus both Aiden and Marcus are now 9-A

      Even if you use 9-B Aiden, 47 gets overwhelmed by Aiden's superior hacking skills. I'mma ask an admin to close this.

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