• First versus thread so I hope it isn't a stomp. Using darkseid Pre-crisis avatar (so both are low 2-C) and Dagoth Ur. Dagoth Ur   vs Darkseid



    Speed is equalized on account of dagoth being immeasurable

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    • I don´t think Darkseid can do anything about Dagoth Ur. Dagoth Ur has true-godly regen, abstract existance (Type 2), many different types of immortality that Darkseid cannot deal with (Types 5, 8, and 9), and acasuality (Type 4). Not only that, but Dagoth Ur has either similar or same abilities as Darkseid, along with more that once again, Darkseid can deal with like reality warping, casuality manipulation, physics manipulation, statistics amplification, and many more.

      Although, if this battle is taking place within The Red Mountain (which I think it is), there could be a possibility Darkseid could somehow server ties between Dagoth Ur and The Heart of Lorkhan. Although, I sort of doubt this.

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    • Dagoth Ur takes this unless Darksides true form can constantly summon new avatars. Of thats the case then its inconclusive

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    • ok than...

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    • His True Form can constantly create avatars. He has avatars throughout the infinite multiverses in DC. However if an avatar in one reality is killed he doesn't really recreate it instantly.

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