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    This is more of a question than a revision but will lead to one if it's accepted.

    I'm just going to go straight into it. Would Danny Phantom Ghosts "Ghost Ray" be lightspeed lasers?. I'm asking this because there is some evidence.

    1. Consistency: Majority of the time the Ghost Rays move in a straight line. The only time it didn't was when Danny fired his ghost ray on the golf course and it expanded.

    2. Properties: The Ghost Ray has been shown to be a standard beam of energy but also a laser. Danny fired his ghost ray at Dash's feet but instead of blowing his feet of it melted his shoes to the ground. Vlad even fired his Ghost Ray and melted 3 ghost skeletons to nothing. The Fright Knight also melted stuff with his Ghost Ray. Ghost Rays have also shown light properties, Johnny 13's Shadow is weak to light (Note he can go out in Daylight, it's more of focused light). Danny while trapped inside Shadow unleashed his ghostly energy through his fists and blasted his way out and after Shadow regenerated he got dazed. Danny than states "Light seems to do the trick".

    In another episode Danny battles Shadow again and this time he grabs a magnifying glass and fires a Ghost Ray from his finger. Instead of blowing the glass out from the force of the Ghost Ray, it actually goes through and expands because of it like light. They have also been shown to reflect off of forcefields. Now yes, Danny's forcefield can actually reflect attacks right back at the person, shown when Pariah Dark came down with his mace and the force was sent back, sending him flying. So I'm not going to use Danny as an example but Vlad is a different story, he has not reflected attacks back at people with his forcefields. There is one moment when he does created a barrier and Danny's Ghost Ray actually reflects off to the side. Though this could be an inconsistency as early in the series Vlad created a small mirror like barrier and Danny's Ghost Ray seemingly got nullified but Vlad has shown to be capable of absorbing attacks so he likely an them like Danny did to Vortex.

    There is also a seen in the episode "Boxed Up Fury" where Danny fires a Ghost Ray at a cyclops and hits it in the eye. After it runs off in pain, Danny says "You should've worn your Sun Glass" which indicates it would have reflected off of it's surface.

    3. Speed: While not stated to be lightspeed Valerie's Ghost Rays flow right passed Danny extremely fast. Note at this time Danny was using the Rocket Pack that is calculated a Sub-Relativistc speeds. These lasers where flying past him during this speed feat so I isn't calc stacking. Yes this doesn't mean they going exactly lightspeed. I'm just using that to show the ghost rays in the show are faster than Sub-Relativistc speeds. Also Dan and Danny both fired a ghost ray at the same time and they hit each other at the same time despite Dan being much faster so they are shown moving around the same speed regardless of who fires them. Ghosts have dodged, reacted, and been hit (by surprise) by each other's ghost rays so they are shown the same speed.

    Note: The reason Valerie's lasers are ghost rays is because her upgraded suit was created by Technus which means they are ectoplasmic energy beams which is a ghosts ray

    So would the ghost rays in the show be considered Lightspeed Lasers or no?.

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    • Bump.

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    • Following.

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    • If the lasers qualified for Laser/Light Beam Dodging Feats, then I agree with the OP.

      Most lasers in fiction are not real or provable as real. Often they are supernatural in nature and do not function anywhere close to how real light should. Therefore, lasers/light beams are only accepted as real if they meet, at a minimum, a few of these criteria:

      • The beam refracts in a new material, such as a liquid or...
      • The beam reflects off a material that it can be expected to, such as a non-magical mirror
      • The beam is called lightspeed by reliable sources
      • It is stated to be made of photons or light itself, again by a reliable source
      • It has its origin at a realistic source of light, such as a camera

      Furthermore, there are a few criteria which show a beam is NOT real light:

      • It is shown at different speeds in the same material
      • It is tangible and can be interacted with physically by normal humans
      • They do not travel in straight lines (unless you can prove refraction/reflection, see above)

      Please note that the opposite of these criteria do not prove a beam is at lightspeed, merely that it could be, should it meet the first list of criteria.

      Additionally, if a series is very close to lightspeed or exceeds it in several other calcs and scenarios (such as what is seen in DBZ), there is less of a burden of proof to show that the laser is a true laser.

      This is not a full list of qualities that can qualify/disqualify a feat as a true laser/light beam, but they are what is taken as basic by this wiki.

      In all cases, when light beam feats pop-up, they must be discussed with the staff before implementation.

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    • Interesting interesting. It looks like they’re meeting the requirements

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    • The OP's proposal seems legits

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    • I wasn't really sure I would agree. While very fast, I always thought that the ghost rays just emitted light the way, say, an energy blast from dbz does. But the evidence provided above does give rather incredible consistency. And I do recall the part with Vlad, and even as a child watching, I recall thinking how the barrier he created looked just like a mirror. Which clearly seemed to be the purpose.

      The evidence is actually rather strong. I think it's the consistency of the evidence that gives this argument its credence. I can't say that I disagree. It's quite the opposite. It also helps that these beams don't seem to be something capable of physical interaction.

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    • I mean. If nothing else they do refer to it as light in a sideways manner (with the "you should've worn your sunglasses" and the magnifying glass thing). 

      I can agree to this. 

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    • Do you have the sub-relativistic calc?

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    • Bump.

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    • it seems alright to me.

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    • The "colliding at the same time despite who fires" I doubt means anything unless this property of the rays was actually acknowledged in verse.

      It being likened to light during the shadow fight, being magnifiable by a magnifying glass, and never showing to have physical force behind it probably is enough proof of it being light tho.

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    • @Andytrenom

      I used the colliding at the same time to show that a ghost rays from a faster ghost is the same speed as a ghost rays from a slower ghost. As on of the things on our list that would make it not Lightspeed is if it's shown at different speeds in the same material.

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    • Neutral, the "Weak to light" thing seems like a maybe. Bouncing off gulf clubs seems already, but bouncing off mirrors would an even a better example if such a feat exists. Strait lines are legit. Also know of ghostly properties which is a slight con, but doesn't disprove it. Sub-Relativistic calc might be legit as well.

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    • I think that it can be considered light

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    • I am not knowledgeable on this verse. But the evidence presented is probably enough for these Ghost Rays to be considered light-speed.

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    • Looks legit imo.

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    • Speaking of that....

      Shouldn't him flying that speed mean he should just have Sub Rel speed? I don't see why we have Subsonic listed based on an in Universe estimation (which is something that just begs to be contradicted millions of times over)

      Also, yeah, this seems like a real enough laser to me.

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    • @DMUA

      Danny was using a rocket jetpack to fly that fast.

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    • fork

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    • The Ghost Ray meets our lightspeed requirements, so I also agree with this.

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    • okay its time to impliment this right???

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    • @AstralKing7 Yeah, seems enough people agree. I'm waiting on two feats to be calced at the moment.

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    • Alright so first I'm just going to give lightspeed attack speed to those who have the Ghost Ray. Vlad calls the technique basic, thinking it's something a ghost learns early and many ghosts have already shown to use it but I'm only going to add it to the ones who have shown it to be safe.

      I also think I've found another feat that backs up it being like light. In season 1 episode 5 "Splitting Images". Poindexter fires ghost rays from his eyes and instead of blowing the lenses out of his glasses, the beam actually became the size of the lenses of his glasses and yes, Poindexter's eyes are a bit smaller than his glasses.

      Not sure if that helps, just wanted to point that out.

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